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Red Sox most improved team in MLB in 2016


Seventeen of the 30 MLB teams in 2016 increased their victory numbers over the 2015 season. Leading the way were the Boston Red Sox; they increased their win total from 78 in 2015 to 93 in 2016, an increase of 15 victories, the largest improvement in baseball.

At the other end of the spectrum were the Minnesota Twins. They had 83 wins in 2015 but saw that total drop to 59 this season, a decrease of 24 wins, most in the league.

Here’s a look at the teams that increased their win totals in 2016 and those that saw their win totals drop this season from the 2015 campaign.

Increased win total from 2015 to 2016
+15: Boston
+13: Cleveland
+12: Detroit, Washington
+10: Seattle
+8: Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia
+7: Colorado, Texas
+6: Chicago Cubs
+5: Milwaukee
+4: Cincinnati
+3: San Francisco
+2: Chicago White Sox
+1: Atlanta, Oakland

Win total decreased from 2015 to 2016
-24: Minnesota
-20: Pittsburgh
-14: Kansas City, St. Louis
-12: Tampa Bay
-11: L.A. Angels
-10: Arizona
-6: San Diego
-4: Toronto
-3 N.Y. Mets, N.Y. Yankees
-2: Houston
-1: L.A. Dodgers

Of the 10 teams that made the playoffs this year, seven increased their win totals from 2015. The three 2016 post-season teams that had fewer wins in 2016 than in 2015 were the Dodgers, Mets and Blue Jays.

We all know about the season the Cubs had in winning their first title in 108 years. But did you know that with 103 wins this year that the Cubs increased their season win total for the fourth straight season? In 2012 the Chicago northsiders had 61 wins… they had 66 the following season, 73 in 2014, 97 in 2015, and 103 this past season. They are the only team that has increased their win total in each of the last four seasons.

The Chicago southsiders, the White Sox, are actually just a step behind the Cubs. The White Sox in 2013 had 63 wins, increased that total to 73 in 2014, 76 in 2015, and 78 in 2016, thus increasing their win total in three straight years. The Red Sox, Rockies and Rangers are the only other teams to have increased their win total in each of the past two seasons.

The Angels, Dodgers and Padres have each seen their win totals decrease in each of the last two seasons. The Angels have gone from 98 in 2014 to 85 in 2015 and 74 in 2016… the Dodgers have seen minimal decrease in their win totals in the past two years, from 94 to 92 to 91 last season… the Padres had 77 wins in 2014, 74 in 2015, and 68 in 2016.

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