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Today’s Sports Stat: August 13, 2018

The home run ball has been important for the Brewers this season. How important? Through games of August 11, the Brew Crew was 56-24 in games when they hit at least one home run; that’s a .700 winning percentage in those games. Just think, if they could hit an HR in every game of a 162-game season that would mean 113 wins!

The Brewers lead the National League with the most multi-HR games (games with two or more home runs) with 47. They are 36-11 in those contests, a .766 winning percentage. The Yankees lead the majors with 56 multi-HR games.

Here are the teams with the most multi-HR games through August 11.

NY Yankees, 56
Boston, 53
LA Angels, 50
Cleveland, 49
Milwaukee, 47
Toronto, 46
LA Dodgers, 45
Houston, 45
Colorado, 43
Baltimore, 43

Following is a breakdown of the Brewers record in games this season (through August 11) when they hit zero, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 or more home runs in a game.

0 home runs: 11-29 .275
1 home run: 20-13 .606
2 home runs: 21-7 .750
3 home runs: 11-4 .733
4 home runs: 3-0 1.000
5 or more home runs: 1-0 1.000

19 hits in a game
The Brewers had 19 hits in a Sunday, August 12, 8-7 loss to the Atlanta Braves. It was the first time this season that a MLB team lost a non-extra inning game where they had 19 or more hits.

It was the second time in Brewers history that this rare loss has occurred; back on August 24, 2002, the Brew Crew had 20 hits in a 17-10, nine-inning loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

There have been 40 times since 1969 that teams have lost games where they had 19 or more hits in a non-extra inning contest. If we go back to 1908, there have been 93 times this has happened. The most hits by a team that lost a nine-inning game (non-extra inning contest) was 26 by the Philadelphia Phillies on August 25, 1922 in a 26-23 loss to the Chicago Cubs… yes, a nine-inning game that ended 26-23.

For the record, the Brewers have never won a game where their opponents had 19 or more hits.


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