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Ryan Braun: Celebrating the 5th anniversary of his first career HR!

Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This weekend many of us will be celebrating Memorial Day and the contributions of the countless men and women who served our country and fought for our freedom.

Brewers fans this weekend also have something else to celebrate. Today, May 26, 2012, is the fifth anniversary of Ryan Braun‘s first career home run. On May 26, 2007, Braun hit a solo HR off Padres pitcher Justin Germano in the third inning in San Diego.

In honor of the fifth anniversary of Braun’s first round-tripper, here’s a few stats regarding the 174 homers Braun has hit up to this point in what many Brewers fans hope will be a long career with the club.

* Braun was hitting second in the order when he hit his first career home run. It is the only time that he has hit an HR while batting second in the order. He has hit 163 from the third spot, nine from the clean-up spot, and one from the eighth spot in the order.

* Braun has hit most of his home runs in the first three innings (72). He has 62 four-baggers in innings four through six, and 40 HRs from the seventh inning on.

* Braun has hit 101 home runs when he has seen three or less pitches. He has 73 home runs when he has seen four or more pitches in an at-bat.

* Braun has hit the most home runs (64) when the Brewers are behind in the game. He has hit 62 when the Brewers are ahead and has hit 48 when the game is tied.

* He has 92 HRs at Miller Park and 82 in away games.

* When it comes to strikes in the count, Braun’s home run stroke has been most successful with one strike. He has 68 homers with one strike in the count; 57 home runs with two strikes in the count; and 49 four-baggers when there are no strikes in the count. When it comes to balls in the count, Braun has hit more HRs when there are no balls in the count (59). He has 48 home runs with one ball in the count; 47 home runs with two balls in the count; and 20 long balls with three balls in the count.

* Braun has 64 home runs with no outs in the inning… 56 home runs with one out in the inning… 54 home runs with two outs in the inning.

* Braun has hit the most home runs in July (35). Other monthly HR counts: March (1), April (29), May (27), June (26), August (26), September (28), October (2).

* Braun’s 173rd home run was on May 21 when he hit a two-run homer in the 8th inning against the Giants to tie the score at 3-3. It was the 12th time in his career that he has hit a home run in the 7th inning or later to tie the score or put the Brewers ahead in the game.

* Of the 15 National League teams, Braun has hit the fewest home runs against the New York Mets (2). He has hit the most HRs against the Houston Astros (24).

Research Source: baseball-reference.com

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Los Angeles Dodgers: MLB’s best record since August 1, 2011

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Current logo using "Dodgers" Script

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The Los Angeles Dodgers not only have the best record in the majors this season at 29-13 and a seven-game lead in the National League West, but when you add in the last two months of last season, they also have the best record in the majors since August 1, 2011. The Dodgers have won 63 of their last 96 games for a .656 winning percentage. The two-time A.L. World Series representative Texas Rangers have the second-best record (26-17) in the A.L. this season (behind Baltimore’s 27-16). They have the best record in the A.L. since August 1 last year with a 61-35 mark.

Eight teams last season played .600 or better ball the last two months of the season: In the A.L., it was Detroit (.704), Texas (.660) and Tampa Bay (.636). Each of those teams played in the postseason last year. This season Tampa Bay and Texas have winning records; the Tigers are a game under .500 at 20-21. In the N.L., five teams played the last two months of the season abover.600: Milwaukee (.679), Arizona (.648), Los Angeles (.630), Philadelphia (.618) and St. Louis (.611). All but Dodgers made the N.L. playoffs in 2011. Of these five teams, the Dodgers and Cardinals are the only two with a winning record this season.

Here’s a look at the records of each team since August 1, 2011 through May 21, 2012.

American League East: Tampa Bay 60-38 (612); Baltimore 54-46 (.540); New York 54-46 (.540); Toronto 50-47 (.515); Boston 45-53 (.459).

American League Central: Detroit 58-37 (.611); Cleveland 50-48 (.510); Chicago 48-50 (.490); Kansas City 42-53 (.442); Minnesota 27-68 (.284).

American League West: Texas 61-35 (.635); Oakland 47-50 (.485); Los Angeles 45-51 (.469); Seattle 42-57 (.424).

National League East: Washington 54-42 (.563); Philadelphia 55-43 (.561); Atlanta 52-44 (.542); New York 44-52 (.458); Miami 42-54 (.438).

National League Central: St. Louis 56-40 (.583); Milwaukee 53-42 (.558); Cincinnati 48-47 (.505); Chicago 43-53 (.448); Houston 40-56 (.417); Pittsburgh 38-60 (.388).

National League West: Los Angeles 63-33 (.656); Arizona 54-43 (.557); San Francisco 47-49 (.490); San Diego 40-56 (.417); Colorado 37-60 (.381).

In looking at the last 12 World Series champions (since 2000) 11 of the 12 played .500 or better from August 1 until the end of the season. The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals are the only champion since 2000 to play under .500 in their title season; they had a winning percentage of .439 (25-32) after August 1.

The 2004 Boston Red Sox had the best winning percentage after August 1 of the 12 teams. They were 42-18 (.700).

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2011 division champs Brewers, D’Backs and Tigers struggling in 2012

The Major League Baseball logo.

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Take a look at the standings today and you’ll see a few surprises: Baltimore, not expected to make much noise in the A.L. East, has a two-game lead in that division. The Cleveland Indians are three games up in the A.L. Central. Not surprising is the Texas Rangers’ five-game lead in the A.L. West.

Over in the National League, the Braves and Nationals are 1-2 in the East. The Cardinals, even after losing Albert Pujols, sit atop the Central, and the Dodgers have the biggest division lead, six games over the Giants.

The other surprise is last year’s division champs. As previously mentioned, the Rangers continue their solid play. But take a look at the other five defending division champs: The Yankees are 21-18, but are currently in fourth place in the A.L. East; Detroit has a losing record at 19-20, although they are in second in the A.L. Central; Arizona is 18-22 and third in the N.L. West; Philadelphia has a winning record at 21-19, but they are last in their division; and the Milwaukee Brewers, winners of the N.L. Central last season, are off to a horrible start. They Brewers are 16-23 and in fifth place in the division.

Since 1994 when Major League Baseball went to three divisions in each league, 46 teams repeated as division champs the following year, just under 50 percent of the time. Of the teams that won their division since ’94, 21 of them were under .500 the following season, and 35 dropped from first place to third place or lower the following season.

Here’s a look at the teams since 1994 that won the division title and then saw their winning percentage drop the most the following season.

Win pct drop, Team, Year of Division title, win pct that year/win pct next year

.191     Montreal, 1994, .649/.458

.191     Minnesota, 2010, .580/.389

.155     Houston, 1999, .599/.444

.149     San Diego, 1998, .605/.457

.148     Texas, 1999, .586/.438

.142     Seattle, 2001, .716/.574

.136     Los Angeles Dodgers, 2004, .574/.438

.121     Chicago White Sox, 1994, .593/.472

.117     Baltimore, 1997, .605/.488

Six franchises have not won a division title since 1994. They are:

* Colorado: Has won the Wild Card three times

* Kansas City: Came in second in 1995

* Florida/Miami: Won the Wild Card twice; won the World Series both of those years.

* Toronto: Finished second in 2006

* Montreal/Washington: Finished second in 2002.

Did you know? Since 1994, the New York Yankees have won 13 A.L. East titles. They have never dropped lower than second place the year after winning a division championship.

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American League teams ready to continue interleague play dominance

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Mike Scioscia argues with the umpire, August 2...

Angels manager Mike Scioscia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first round of interleague play for 2012 in major league baseball begins today with 14 contests. Teams like the Los Angeles Angels, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox are chomping at the bit for this part of their schedule because of past success in games against the National League foes. Each of these five teams are playing .600 or better baseball over the past five seasons in games against N.L. rivals.

The Angels, who are laboring at seven games behind Texas in the A.L. West, have won 62 and lost only 28 in their 90 interleague games since 2007, a winning percentage of .689. They open interleague play against San Diego, which happens to have the worst record in the N.L. at 14-24. The Padres also have the second-worst interleague record in the last five seasons at 29-49.

Following is a look at the interleague records of each team in the past five years (2007-11).

Team, Interleague W-L, Pct.

American League

Los Angeles Angels 62-28 .689

Boston 57-33 .633

Detroit 55-35 .611

Chicago White Sox 54-36 .600

New York Yankees 54-36 .600

Minnesota 53-37 .589

Texas 53-37 .589

Tampa Bay 51-39 .567

Seattle 47-43 .522

Kansas City 44-46 .489

Baltimore 42-48 .467

Oakland 41-49 .456

Toronto 40-50 .444

Cleveland 36-54 .400

National League

Colorado 45-33 .577

New York Mets 44-37 .543

St. Louis 39-36 .520

Atlanta 38-37 .507

San Francisco 37-41 .474

Milwaukee 35-40 .467

Miami 39-45 .464

Philadelphia 37-44 .457

Arizona 35-43 .449

Cincinnati 36-45 .444

Chicago Cubs 33-42 .440

Washington 37-50 .425

Pittsburgh 29-46 .387 .387

Los Angeles Dodgers 29-49 .372

San Diego 29-49 .372

Houston 29-52 .358

The 40 playoff teams in the past five seasons compiled a 376-296 record (.560 winning percentage) in interleague play in those seasons that they played in the post-season. The 10 World Series teams were 92-78 (.538) in interleague play in the years they went to the World Series. The last five World Champs were 41-40 in interleague play in the seasons they won the title.

Did you know? The Yankees have had a winning record in interleague play in 12 straight seasons, the longest current streak in the majors. The Red Sox have played better than .500 in interleague play in six straight seasons, second in that category. The Cubs, Astros and Blue Jays have each played under .500 in interleague play in four straight seasons, longest current streaks in that category.

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Milwaukee Brewers all-time “stolen base” team… by position

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Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Milwaukee Brewers have 21 stolen bases this season which is right at the National League average. Carlos Gomez leads the team with five steals.

Over the course of the Brewers 43-plus year history, the team has not really been known as a base-stealing team. There were, however, pockets of time in their history when stolen bases were a major part of their offensive arsenal. They led the league in steals in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots and then did not lead the league in stolen bases until 1987. It was that period from 1987-92 where the Brewers led the league five out of six seasons in stolen bases.

Since their move to the National League in 1998, stolen bases have not been a significant focus for the team. They did lead the N.L. in steals in 2004 led by outfielder Scott Podsednik’s 70 swipes. That year and a third-place spot in steals in 2003 are the only times the Brewers have finished in the top three in the N.L. in steals since 1998.

Here’s a look at what an all-time Brewers stolen bases team might look like… by position.

First Base: Cecil Cooper (77 stolen bases). Cooper had only 12 stolen bases in his first six seasons with the Red Sox. As a Brewer, “Coop” stole 48 bases in his first four seasons with the team. His career-high was 17 steals in 1980. Reserve: George Scott (40 stolen bases)

Second Base: Jim Gantner (137 stolen bases). Gantner will likely be supplanted by Weeks in the next couple of years in this category. Gantner averaged nearly 15 steals per season from 1985-90. His year-high was 20 in both 1988 and ’89. Reserve: Rickie Weeks (102 stolen bases)

Shortstop: Pat Listach (112 stolen bases). A.L. Rookie of the Year in 1992 stole 54 bases in his award-winning season. Reserve: Jose Valentin (78 stolen bases)

Third Base: Paul Molitor (412 stolen bases). The Brewers career leader in stolen bases. He finished his career with 504 steals. He has four of the top 10 best single-seasons for steals in team history. Reserve: Don Money (66 stolen bases)

Outfield: Robin Yount (271 stolen bases). Had 10 or more steals in 16 of his 20 seasons with the Brewers. The only Brewers player in history to have over 200 career home runs and over 200 career steals.

Tommy Harper (136 stolen bases). More than half of his steals as a Brewer came in 1969 when he led the league with 73 bases with the Seattle Pilots. His 73 steals is the Brewers single-season record.

Scott Podsednik (113 stolen bases). Spent only two seasons with the Brewers. Had 70 steals in 2004 that led the National League. He and Harper are the only two Brewers to have 70-plus steals in a season.

Outfield Reserves: Darryl Hamilton (109 stolen bases); Mike Felder (108 stolen bases); Ryan Braun (100 stolen bases).

Catcher: B.J. Surhoff (102 stolen bases). Had a career-high 21 steals in 1988 with the Brewers. Reserve: Charlie Moore (51 stolen bases)

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