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San Antonio Spurs: The NBA’s team of the 21st century


With four NBA titles since 1999-2000, the San Antonio Spurs are one of three franchises that have won three or more NBA titles since the turn of the century (the Los Angeles Lakers won five and the Miami Heat three since 2000).

But if you add up all the wins and losses of the 30 NBA teams since the 1999-2000 regular season through last year’s regular season, its the Spurs, not the Lakers, who have the most regular season wins. In fact if the last 16 seasons were one season, the Spurs would have a 76-game lead over the team with the second-best win-loss record (the Dallas Mavericks) since 1999-2000. That means the Spurs could g0 7-75 this year and the Mavs go 82-0 and the Spurs would still have the best record of all NBA teams since 1999-2000.

Before I list the records of each NBA franchise over the last 16 seasons this century, here’s a quick quiz. Don’t read any further until you have tried to answer this question: There are 13 teams that have a winning record (over .500 winning percentage) in the NBA regular season since 1999-2000. The Spurs are 912-384 (a .704 winning percentage) to top the list. Can you name the other 12 NBA teams that are over .500?

Did you figure out the other 12 teams? Well, here’s a look at the winning percentage of each NBA franchise since 1999-2000.

San Antonio .704

Dallas .645, Los Angeles Lakers .600

Phoenix .563, Miami .560, Houston .551, Utah, 536, Indiana .536, Oklahoma City .531, Portland .531, Boston .526, Detroi 516, Denver .515

(How many did you get correct?)

Orlando .486, New Orleans .474, Sacramento .472, Cleveland .468, Philadelphia .463, Memphis .460, Brooklyn .458, Toronto .454, Milwaukee .449, Atlanta .448, Los Angeles Clippers .444, Golden State .439, New York Knicks .434, Minnesota .429, Charlotte .411, Washington .405

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