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Seahawks win second OT game this season

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Week #9 of the 2013 NFL season saw a pair of overtime games. The Seattle Seahawks won their second OT game of the year by defeating the Tampa Bay Bucs, and the Washington Redskins beat San Diego in overtime.

There have been seven overtime games this season with the home team winning five of those games. Last season there were 21 OT games with the home teams winning 11 and losing 10.

Cincinnati, Houston and Seattle have each played in two overtime games this year; the Texans and Bengals have each won one and lost one, while the Seahawks have won both of their OT games.

Going back to 2000, there have been 216 regular-season overtime games in the NFL. The San Francisco 49ers have played in the most games with 20, while the New England Patriots and New York Giants are tied for the best record in OT games since 2000 with a .692 winning percentage (each team is 9-4 in overtime).

Here’s a look at each NFL team’s record in overtime games since 2000.

New England: 9-4 .692
New York Giants: 9-4 .692

Chicago: 10-5 .667
Indianapolis: 4-2 .667

St. Louis: 8-4-1 .654

Arizona: 11-6 .647
Washington: 11-6 .647

San Francisco: 12-7-1 .625
Denver: 10-6 .625

Baltimore: 8-6 .571

New York Jets: 10-8 .556

Jacksonville: 6-5 .545
New Orleans: 6-5 .545
Oakland: 6-5 .545

Seattle: 7-6 .538

Dallas: 9-8 .529

Buffalo: 7-7 .500
Tennessee: 7-7 .500
Green Bay 5-5 .500

Pittsburgh: 8-10-1 .447

Cincinnati: 3-5-1 .389

Detroit: 5-8 .385

Atlanta: 6-10-1 .382

Tampa Bay: 6-10 .375

Minnesota: 4-7 .364

Kansas City: 6-11 .353

Philadelphia: 3-6-1 .350

San Diego: 5-10 .333
Houston: 4-8 .333
Miami: 4-8 .333

Cleveland: 4-9 .308

Carolina: 3-8 .273

Note: The Denver Broncos and New York Giants have the longest active streak of OT wins with five each. Oakland has won four straight overtime games. The Carolina Panthers have lost five straight OT games, the longest active losing streak. Jacksonville, Green Bay and San Diego have each lost four straight overtime games.

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This is the Patriots time of the season

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With Chicago’s win over Green Bay last night, Week #9 is in the books for the 2013 season. For some teams, they have already started playing games in the second half of the season. For others, the ninth game of the year (and the start of their second half of the ’13 season) will begin this week.

The New England Patriots, led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, have been the NFL’s best team this century. One of the reasons for this has been how well the team has played in the second half of the season. Consider this: The Patriots were 27-5 in the second half of the season over the past four years, a .844 winning percentage, also tops in the league.

Following is a look at how well each of the teams have played in the second half of the season in the last four years (2009-2012, 32 games).

New England 27-5 .844

Green Bay 25-7 .781
New Orleans 23-9 .719

Atlanta 21-11 .656
Baltimore 21-11 .656
San Diego 21-11 .656
San Francisco 20-11-1 .641

Indianapolis 19-13 .594
Dallas 19-13 .594
Pittsburgh 18-14 .563
Denver 17-15 .531
Philadelphia 17-15 .531
Seattle 17-15 .531
Cincinnati 16-16 .500
Houston 16-16 .500
New York Jets 6-16 .500

Carolina 15-17 .469
Chicago 15-17 .469
Miami 15-17 .469
Tennessee 15-17 .469
Arizona 14-18 .438
Minnesota 14-18 .438
New York Giants 13-19 .406
Washington 13-19 .406

Kansas City 12-20 .375
Oakland 12-20 .375
Buffalo 11-21 .344
Jacksonville 11-21 .344
Cleveland 10-22 .313
Tampa Bay 10-22 .313

Detroit 9-23 .281
St. Louis 8-23-1 .266

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Chiefs finding ways to win without an offensive touchdown

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The Kansas City Chiefs are the only undefeated team in the NFL at 9-0. Not only is that a surprise to many NFL experts and fans, but the Chiefs seem to be winning games with a less-than-powerful offense and an opportunistic defense that is not only shutting teams down, but their “D” is putting points on the board.

Last Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills was a perfect example. The Chiefs offense had nine possessions; they scored three times, but each score was a field goal. They did not have an offensive TD in the game. They did, however, have two defensive TDs; one an interception return, the other a fumble return for six points.

Kansas City’s win without an offensive TD was only the second time that has happened this season. The New York Giants on October 27 defeated the Eagles 15-7 behind five field goals. Since 2000, teams that did not score an offensive TD in a game have won only 93 games and lost 590, a dismal .136 winning percentage. This season, it has happened 22 times with the Giants and Chiefs gaining the only wins. Last season there were 49 times when a team did not have an offensive TD; those teams won seven and lost 42.

Here’s a look at the numbers of times NFL teams have

won a game since 2000 when they did not score an offensive TD.

10: Baltimore

6: Detroit, Tampa Bay

5: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh

4: Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Tennessee

3: Arizona, Kansas City, New England, NY Giants, Oakland, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington

2: Buffalo, Carolina, Dallas, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minnesota, NY Jets, Seattle

1: Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia

0: New Orleans, San Diego

The Cleveland Browns had the most games since 2000 with no offensive TDs with 51. The closest team to them were the Bills with 35. The Indianapolis Colts have had the fewest games with no offensive touchdowns since 2000 with seven. They are followed by San Diego with eight, New Orleans with nine and the Packers with 10.

Here’s another interesting tidbit about Kansas City’s win over Buffalo on Sunday: The Chiefs defensive unit scored on an interception and fumble return. It was the fourth time this season that has happened in the NFL (the Cowboys, Rams and Bears each scored on an interception and fumble return in a game this year) and the 109th time since 1970 that a team had at least one interception return and a fumble return in a game. Teams that have scored in this manner in a game were 97-12 in those games, an .890 winning percentage. The last time a team has lost when they scored defensive TDs via an interception and fumble return in a game was in 2003 when Tampa Bay lost to Indianapolis 38-35 in overtime despite those two defensive scores.

Pitching a shutout at halftime in the NFL


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If you’re a defensive coordinator in the NFL, you’ve got to feel pretty good if your team heads into the locker room at halftime of a game and your opponents do not have any points on the scoreboard. But does pitching a shutout in the first half equate to ultimate success (read: victory) in that game?

Let’s put some numbers to that question. First, there have been nine games so far in 2013 where a team has held their opponents to zero points in the first half. In those games, those teams that pitched the first-half shutout won nine and lost two. Two teams, Green Bay and Seattle, have held their opponents to zero points at half in two games in 2013.

If we take a look back to 2004, teams that held the opposition scoreless in the first half have won 357 and lost 64, an .848 winning percentage. The Patriots and Steelers have each held their opponents scoreless in 22 games from 2004-2013, most in the NFL.

Here’s a look at the number of games each NFL team held opponents scoreless in the first half from 2004-2013. The win-loss record in those games is noted in parenthesis.

Games where opponents were scoreless at halftime (record in those games)
22: New England (21-1); Pittsburgh (20-2)
19: Cincinnati (17-2); New York Giants (18-1); Baltimore (18-1)
18: Green Bay (15-3); Tampa Bay (14-4)
17: New York Jets (15-2); Seattle (16-1)
15: Atlanta (14-1); San Diego (13-2)
14: Carolina (12-2); Chicago (11-3); Denver (14-0); Houston (12-2); San Francisco (13-1)
13: Jacksonville (11-2)
12: Cleveland (5-7); Miami (5-7); Washington (10-2)
11: Buffalo: (9-2); Kansas City (9-2); Tennessee (8-3)
10: Detroit (9-1); Minnesota (7-3)
9: Indianapolis (8-1); Arizona (7-2); Philadelphia (9-0)
7: Dallas (5-2)
5: Oakland (4-1); St. Louis (4-1)
4: New Orleans (4-0)

You probably noticed that three teams, Denver, Philadelphia and New Orleans, are undefeated in games since 2004 when they held opponents scoreless in the first half. The last time these teams lost a game when they held their foes scoreless at half were: Eagles (12/28/2002); Broncos (12/2/2001), Saints (10/17/1999).

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No turnovers: 75-80% chance of victory in the NFL

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published with a focus on stats that go beyond the numbers.

Last week I posted an article that noted the chances of winning an NFL game where a team commits four or more turnovers was about 20 percent. Let’s take a look at the other end of the turnover spectrum… no turnovers in a contest.

Last week’s games featured 10 teams that did not commit a turnover. Those teams were 8-2 (the two teams that lost even though they did not commit a turnover were Miami and Detroit). That 80% winning percentage last week is pretty close to what we’ve seen since 2010. In the last three-plus years of NFL play, teams with no turnovers in a game have won 298, lost 79 and tied once. That’s a .790 winning percentage.

Since 2010, the New England Patriots have played the most turnover-less games, 27. The San Francisco 49ers are the only other team with 20 or more such games; they have played in 21 turnover-less games in the last three-plus seasons. At the bottom of the scale are the Arizona Cardinals who have had no turnovers in only five of their last 54 games.

Following are the number of games since 2010 that each NFL team has played without committing a turnover (the team’s record in those games is also noted).

Team, Turnover-less games (Record)
New England, 27 (25-2)
San Francisco, 21 (19-1-1)
Atlanta, 16 (15-1)
Baltimore, 16 (15-1)
Houston, 16 (15-1)
Kansas City, 16 (11-5)
Tennessee, 16 (12-4)
Green Bay, 15 (13-2)
Tampa Bay, 15 (9-6)
Detroit, 12 (8-4)
Indianapolis, 12 (11-1)
New Orleans, 12 (11-1)
Cincinnati, 11 (9-2)
New York Giants, 11 (9-2)
Pittsburgh, 11 (10-1)
San Diego, 11 (9-2)
Seattle, 11 (8-3)
Cleveland, 10 (6-4)
Dallas, 10 (7-3)
Minnesota, 10 (7-3)
Philadelphia, 10 (7-3)
Carolina, 9 (8-1)
Jacksonville, 9 (5-4)
Miami, 9 (7-2)
New York Jets, 9 (8-1)
St. Louis, 9 (5-4)
Buffalo, 8 (3-5)
Chicago, 8 (5-3)
Oakland, 8 (5-3)
Washington, 8 (5-3)
Denver, 7 (7-0)
Arizona, 5 (4-1)

Note: there have been 35 times this season that a team has gone without a turnover in a game. Teams are 26-9 in those games, a .743 winning percentage.

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