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Basketball scoring leaders… by birth state!

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Can you imagine a list of professional basketball’s greatest scorers and the list does not include Michael Jordan? Well, here’s that list. Jordan was born in New York state, but he is not the player born in the state of New York who scored the most points in their professional career. Jordan ranks second behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most points scored by players born in the state of New York.

Following are the 50 states and the player born in that state who scored the most points in their professional basketball career.

ALABAMA: Charles Barkley… ALASKA: Mario Chalmers… ARIZONA: Paul Silas… ARKANSAS: Scottie Pippen… CALIFORNIA: Reggie Miller

COLORADO: Chauncey Billups… CONNECTICUT: Calvin Murphy… DELAWARE: Joey Graham… D.C.: Adrian Dantley… FLORIDA: Artis Gilmore

GEORGIA: Dale Ellis… HAWAII: Cedric Ceballos… IDAHO: Luke Ridnour… ILLINOIS: Dan Issel… INDIANA: Larry Bird

IOWA: Kirk Hinrich… KANSAS: Alvan Adams… KENTUCKY: Cliff Hagen… LOUISIANA: Karl Malone… MAINE: Jeff Turner

MARYLAND: Sam Cassell… MASSACHUSETTS: Bill Laimbeer… MICHIGAN: George Gervin… MINNESOTA: Kevin McHale… MISSISSIPPI: Spencer Haywood

MISSOURI: Jo Jo White… MONTANA: Phil Jackson… NEBRASKA: Bob Boozer… NEVADA: Ricky Davis…. NEW HAMPSHIRE: Matt Bonner

NEW JERSEY: Shaquille O’Neal… NEW MEXICO: Bill Bridges… NEW YORK: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar… NORTH CAROLINA: Walt Bellamy… NORTH DAKOTA: Mark Landsberger

OHIO: John Havlicek… OKLAHOMA: Ron Boone… OREGON: Mike Newlin… PENNSYLVANIA: Wilt Chamberlain… RHODE ISLAND: Marvin Barnes

SOUTH CAROLINA: Alex English… SOUTH DAKOTA: Mike Miller… TENNESSEE: Oscar Robertson…. TEXAS: Grant Hill… UTAH: Tom Chambers

VIRGINIA: Moses Malone… WASHINGTON: John Stockton… WEST VIRGINIA: Jerry West… WISCONSIN: Latrell Sprewell… WYOMING: Kenny Sailors

Of the players on the above list, six were active during the 2010-2011 season: Joey Graham, Luke Ridnour, Kirk Hinrich, Shaquille O’Neal (although he has since officially announced his retirement), Mike Miller and Grant Hill.

A pair of current Celtic players are within 3,000 career points of overtaking players from their birth state: Ray Allen is 2,993 behind Reggie Miller for players born in California; Kevin Garnett is 2,290 career points behind Alex English for most points by a player born in South Carolina.

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Patriots take lead in ‘NFL Team of the Century’ race!

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a  bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

We are about 11-and-a-half NFL seasons in to the 21st century and the New England Patriots have opened up a 6 1/2 game lead in the race for the team of the century. Prior to the start of this season, the Pats had a slim one-game lead over Indianapolis for the best team since 2000, but the Colts 0-8 start this year has put some room between the Pats and Indy. On the NFC side, the Philadelphia Eagles have a four-game lead over the Green Bay Packers for the best record this century. Following are the records of the NFL teams since 2000.

New England                  131-52

Indianapolis                   125-59

Pittsburgh                      121-62-1

Philadelphia                   116-67

Green Bay                        112-71

Baltimore                        109-74

New York Giants           103-80

Tennessee                       101-82

Denver                              99-84

New Orleans                    99-85

San Diego                         98-85

Chicago                             96-87

New York Jets                 95-88

Tampa Bay                      93-90

Atlanta                            92-90-1

Minnesota                        92-92

Dallas                                91-92

Seattle                               91-92

Miami                               86-97

Jacksonville                     86-98

Kansas City                      84-99

Carolina                            83-101

San Francisco                  80-103

St. Louis                           79-104

Washington                     79-104

Cincinnati                        77-106

Buffalo                              75-108

Oakland                            74-109

Houston                           60-92

Arizona                             68-115

Cleveland                         67-116

Detroit                              54-130