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Today’s Sports Stat: November 8, 2017

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford had a pair of TD passes in his team’s Monday night win over the Green Bay Packers. Those two TD passes were the 200th and 201st of his career; in the process, he became only the fourth QB in history to reach 200 career TD passes before his 30th birthday.

Stafford joins Dan Marino (245), Peyton Manning (244) and Brett Favre (218) with the most TD passes before turning 30. Stafford, who turns 30 on February 7, 2018, should be able to make a serious run at Favre and the third spot on this list before the end of this season.

There are 15 QBs who reached 150 or more career TD passes before their 30th birthday. In addition to Marino, Peyton Manning, Favre and Stafford, the other 11 QBs are: Aaron Rodgers (186), Fran Tarkenton (186), Matt Ryan (181), Drew Brees (168), Drew Bledsoe (166), Ben Roethlisberger (165), Eli Manning (156), Philip Rivers (155), Donovan McNabb (152), Andy Dalton (151) and Boomer Esiason (150).

Of the active QBs in the league, there are three who are well on their way to joining this group of 15. Cam Newton has 146 career TD passes and doesn’t turn 30 until May 11, 2019, which means he has the remainder of this campaign and all the 2018 season to add to his total… he could make a run at joining the 200-Club in this category. In addition, Russell Wilson, who turns 30 on November 29, 2018, has portions of two seasons to add to his total of 144 and could also make a run at 200. Finally, Andrew Luck, who doesn’t turn 30 until September 12, 2019, has 132 career TD passes.