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Today’s Sportstat: April 25, 2019

TODAY’s SPORTSTAT-April 25, 2019

Packers top NFL with longevity of quarterbacks

Let’s start with a trivia quiz…

With the NFL Draft beginning tonight (April 25), there is a lot of speculation that the Packers will draft another QB, maybe someone they can work with to eventually succeed Aaron Rodgers.

Back in 2005, the Green Bay Packers selected Rodgers in the first round. Since then, the Pack has chosen five different QBs in the draft from 2006-18. Can you name the five quarterbacks the Packers have chosen in the draft after Rodgers? (Answer at the end of this article)

Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers last season played in his 165th regular season game with the Packers. He became the third Packers QB to play 165 or more games with the team; Green Bay is the only team in NFL history to have three different QBs play 165 or more career games with the team.

There have been 25 quarterbacks who have played 165 or more games with one team. Seventeen of the 32 NFL teams have had at least QB on this list.

Here are the teams that have had at least one QB in their history play 165 or more games with the team.

Bengals: Kenny Anderson
Broncos: John Elway
Cardinals: Jim Hart
Chargers: Dan Fouts and Philip Rivers
Chiefs: Len Dawson
Colts: Peyton Manning and Johnny Unitas
Cowboys: Troy Aikman and Danny White
Dolphins: Dan Marino
Falcons: Matt Ryan
49ers: John Brodie and Joe Montana
Giants: Eli Manning
Packers: Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers and Bart Starr
Patriots: Tom Brady
Redskins: Sammy Baugh and Joe Theismann
Saints: Drew Brees
Steelers: Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger
Vikings: Fran Tarkenton

Answer to trivia quiz: The five quarterbacks selected by the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Draft after Aaron Rodgers was chosen in 2005… 2006-Ingle Martin, 5th Round; 2008-Brian Brohm, 2nd Round, Matt Flynn, 7th Round; 2012-B.J. Coleman, 7th Round; 2015-Brett Hundley, 5th Round.


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Why having your QB complete 75% of his passes is important in the NFL


Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers in Monday’s 27-13 win over the Philadelphia Eagles completed 30 of 39 passes, a completion percentage of 76.9. It was the 25th game in his career that he completed 75% (or higher) of his passes in a regular season game.

But what makes this stat all the more impressive is that in those 25 games that Rodgers completed 75% or more of his passes, the Packers were a staggering 24-1 in those games. Obviously, a super accurate Aaron Rodgers is an important factor for success for the Pack.

Let’s take a look at QBs who have used their passing accuracy to their (and their team’s) benefit. First, let’s look at the QBs who have had the most games competing 75% of their passes. It’s interesting to note that this past Sunday, New Orleans QB Drew Brees completed 28 of 36 passes (77.8%) in the Saints 49-21 win over the Rams. It was Brees’ 50th career game with a completion percentage of 75% or higher. That broke a tie he was in with Peyton Manning for most games in this stat.

Here’s a look at the QBs that have had the most games where they competed 75% or higher of their passes.

50-Drew Brees 49-Peyton Manning 34-Philip Rivers 28-Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger 25-Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young 23-Matt Ryan 21-Troy Aikman, Kurt Warner 20-Tony Romo 18-Ken Anderson, Chad Pennington 17-Jim Harbaugh, Ken Stabler 16-Alex Smith, Bart Starr

Both Brees’ and Manning’s teams had decent success in games when they completed 75% of more of their passes. Brees’ Saints are 43-7 in those games, while Manning’s teams were 43-6 when he completed 75% of his passes.

There are, however, a couple of QBs whose teams were/are actually undefeated when they complete 75% of their passes in a regular season game. There have been 35 QBs that have 10 or more games with a 75% of higher completion rate in a game. Of those 35, two are undefeated in those games… Tom Brady and Ken Stabler. Brady’s Patriots are 25-0 in games when he completes 75% or more of his passes in a game, while Stabler’s team was 17-0 in games when he reached this mark.

Let’s take a look at the QBs whose teams have won 90% or more of their games when they completed 75% of more of their passes in a contest (minimum of 10 games with 75% completion rate to qualify).

1.000: Tom Brady, 25-0 1.000: Ken Stabler, 17-0 .960: Aaron Rodgers, 24-1 .938: Alex Smith, 15-1 .929: Rich Gannon, 13-1 .909: Eli Manning, 10-1 .900: Tony Romo, 18-2 .900: Matt Hasselbeck, 9-1 .900: Dave Krieg, 9-1

For the record, there have been 43 times this season that a QB completed 75% or more of their passes in a game (minimum of 10 passes attempted to qualify). Three QBs are tied with four games each: Brees, Dak Prescott and Matt Ryan. Teams are 26-17 when their QBs completed 75% of more of their passes in a game this season.

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