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Today’s Sports Stat-August 21, 2017

The Oakland A’s defeated the Houston Astros 3-2 yesterday in a game where they (the A’s) were not credited with an RBI. The A’s scored their three runs on two throwing errors and a passed ball.

It was the 505th game in the majors since 1913 that a team won a game without having an RBI in the game.

The MLB record for most runs scored in a win without the benefit of a team RBI is five. On August 11, 1971, the Reds beat Houston 5-1 in a game where they did not have an RBI; on July 2, 1948, the Cubs defeated the Pirates by the same score of 5-1 in a contest where they did not have an RBI.

Seven teams won games where they scored four runs without an RBI; there have also been 25 games where a team scored three runs without an RBI since 1913. There have been 352 games since 1913 when a team won 1-0 and no RBI was credited for the lone run scored.