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Today’s Sports Stat-August 21, 2017

The Oakland A’s defeated the Houston Astros 3-2 yesterday in a game where they (the A’s) were not credited with an RBI. The A’s scored their three runs on two throwing errors and a passed ball.

It was the 505th game in the majors since 1913 that a team won a game without having an RBI in the game.

The MLB record for most runs scored in a win without the benefit of a team RBI is five. On August 11, 1971, the Reds beat Houston 5-1 in a game where they did not have an RBI; on July 2, 1948, the Cubs defeated the Pirates by the same score of 5-1 in a contest where they did not have an RBI.

Seven teams won games where they scored four runs without an RBI; there have also been 25 games where a team scored three runs without an RBI since 1913. There have been 352 games since 1913 when a team won 1-0 and no RBI was credited for the lone run scored.





Today’s Sports Stat-July 4, 2017



A winning streak will be broken today.

The Chicago White Sox and Oakland A’s face off today in a contest in Oakland. Both of these teams have won seven straight games played on the Fourth of July, longest current streak in the majors. One of these two teams will increase that streak to eight consecutive wins in Juy 4th games.