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99 Stats Until Kickoff (#98) When was the last time your team had a winning season, and when they had their last losing season

From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

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A couple of streaks were extended this past season in the NFL. On the positive side, the New England Patriots in 2012 had their 12th consecutive winning season. The last time the Patriots had a losing season was when they went 5-11 in 2000.

On the not-so-positive side, the Oakland Raiders in 2012 had a 4-12 record, extending their streak of non-winning seasons to 10. The last time the Raiders had a winning season was in 2002 when they went 11-5.

Following is the last time each of the NFL teams had a winning season and when they had their last losing season. (For the record, an 8-8 season is a non-winning season.)

Team,                 Last winning season             Last losing season
Arizona                       2009                                        2012
Atlanta                        2012                                        2007
Baltimore                    2012                                        2007
Buffalo                        2004                                        2012
Carolina                       2008                                        2012
Chicago                       2012                                        2009
Cincinnati                    2012                                        2010
Cleveland                    2007                                        2012
Dallas                          2009                                        2010
Denver                        2012                                        2010
Detroit                         2011                                        2012
Green Bay                   2012                                        2008
Houston                      2012                                        2010
Indianapolis                2012                                        2011
Jacksonville                 2007                                        2012
Kansas City                 2010                                        2012
Miami                          2008                                        2012
Minnesota                   2012                                        2011
New England              2012                                        2000
New Orleans               2011                                        2012
New York Giants        2012                                        2004
New York Jets             2010                                        2012
Oakland                      2002                                        2012
Philadelphia                2010                                        2012
Pittsburgh                   2011                                        2003
San Diego                   2010                                        2012
San Francisco             2012                                        2010
Seattle                         2012                                        2011
St. Louis                      2003                                        2012
Tampa Bay                  2010                                        2012
Tennessee                    2011                                        2012
Washington                 2012                                        2011

Getting back to the streaks mentioned at the beginning, here are the teams that have the longest streaks with a winning record and those teams with the longest streak of non-winning seasons.

Active streak of consecutive winning seasons: New England, 12; Atlanta, 5; Baltimore, 5; Green Bay, 4; New York Giants, 3.

Active streak of consecutive non-losing seasons: Oakland, 10; St. Louis, 9; Buffalo, 8; Cleveland, 5; Jacksonville, 5; Carolina, 4; Arizona, 3; Dallas, 3.

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The 20 best “three-season” teams during the NFL’s Super Bowl era

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

With each Green Bay Packers win this season, the conversation on sports radio gets deeper and deeper into “the best of all-time?” debate: If the Pack goes 16-0 and wins the Super Bowl, are they the best team ever? Some people have argued that one season does not a “best team ever” make.

Let me muddy the waters a bit…

What about looking at more than one season; say, three seasons. Who is the best team ever over a three-season period?

Well, here’s one person’s take on that question. Following is my list of the 20 best “three-season” teams in the NFL Super Bowl era (since 1966). The teams are listed with their regular season record during that three-year period and significant playoff feats.

Do you agree or disagree with the list? Let me know.

1. Miami Dolphins, 1971-73. Regular season record: 36-5-1 (.869)… Won two Super Bowls; lost one Super Bowl

2. Miami Dolphins, 1972-74. Regular season record: 37-5 (.881)… Won two Super Bowls

3. Green Bay Packers, 1965-67. Regular season record: 31-9-2 (.762)… Won two Super Bowls; won NFL Championship

4. Denver Broncos, 1996-98. Regular season record: 39-9 (.813)… Won two Super Bowls

5. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1974-76. Regular season record 32-9-1 (.774)… Won two Super Bowls; lost conference championship game

6. New England Patriots, 2003-2005. Regular season record 38-10 (.792)… Won two Super Bowls

7. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1973-75. Regular season record 32-9-1 (.792)… Won two Super Bowls

8. Oakland Raiders, 1974-76. Regular season record 36-6 (.857)… Won one Super Bowl; lost two conference championship games

9. Chicago Bears, 1985-87. Regular season record 40-7 (.851)… Won one Super Bowl

10. Washington Redskins, 1982-84. Regular season record 33-8 (.805)… Won one Super Bowl; lost one Super Bowl

11. Oakland Raiders, 1975-77. Regular season record 35-7 (.833)… Won one Super Bowl; lost two conference championship games

12. Dallas Cowboys, 1976-78. Regular season record 35-9 (.795)… Won one Super Bowl; lost one Super Bowl

13. Chicago Bears, 1984-86. Regular season record 39-9 (.813)… Won one Super Bowl; lost one conference championship

14. Indianapolis Colts, 2005-2007. Regular season record 39-9 (.813)… Won one Super Bowl

15. Dallas Cowboys, 1975-77. Regular season record 33-9 (.786)…Won one Super Bowl; lost one Super Bowl

16. Baltimore Colts, 1968-70. Regular season record 32-8-2 (.786)… Won one Super Bowl; lost one Super Bowl

17. Oakland Raiders, 1967-69. Regular season record 37-4-1 (.893)… Lost one Super Bowl

18. Minnesota Vikings, 1973-75. Regular season record 34-8 (.810)… Lost two Super Bowls

19. Minnesota Vikings, 1969-71. Regular season record 35-7 (.833)… Lost one Super Bowl

20. Minnesota Vikings, 1974-76. Regular season record 33-8-1 (.798)… Lost two Super Bowls

One game short of the Super Bowl

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

Falling one game short of making the Super Bowl is a tremendous loss for any NFL team. Since the 1966 season when the Super Bowl made its debut, the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders franchise has been the NFL team that has been disappointed the most when it comes to falling one game short of the big game. The Raiders have lost nine championship games, most during this timeframe.

Following are the NFL teams which have lost the most championship games since the 1966 season, thus missing out on an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl.

Team                                                 Championship Game losses since 1966 season

Oakland/L.A. Raiders                                                                9

Dallas Cowboys                                                                           7

Pittsburgh Steelers                                                                      7

San Francisco 49ers                                                                    7

St.Louis/L.A. Rams                                                                    6

Cleveland Browns                                                                        5

Minnesota Vikings                                                                      5

Philadelphia Eagles                                                                    4

Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers                                           4

New York Jets                                                                              4

Chicago Bears                                                                              3

Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts                                                   3

San Diego Chargers                                                                    3