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Packers on the wrong end of another 400-yard passer

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For Green Bay Packers fans, this is getting to be all-too-common… an opposing quarterback having a big game and throwing for 300 or more yards.

Sunday’s game against the 49ers was no different. San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick passed for 412 yards in his team’s 34-28 win over the Pack. Not only was this Kaepernick’s first game with over 400 yards passing, it was also his first game with over 300 yards passing.

For the record, Kaepernick was one of three QBs with 400 or more yards passing in Week One. Peyton Manning had 462 passing yards in Denver’s win over Baltimore on Thursday; little brother Eli had 450 passing yards in his team’s Sunday night loss to the Cowboys.

But back to the Packers. What’s frustrating for the Packers and their fans is QB’s torching their defense has been a frequent occurrence. Consider this: In the last 10 seasons (2003-2012) and the first week of this season, there were 96 games where a quarterback passed for 400 or more yards in a game. Of those 96, the Packers were the defensive team that QB had the 400-yard game against 11 times. Next on the list is New Orleans which gave up 400 or more yards passing to a QB six times since 2003.

Here’s a look at the teams that have surrendered 400 or more yards passing to a QB three or more times since 2003.

11 times: Green Bay

6 times: New Orleans

5 times: Arizona, Denver, Houston, San Diego

4 times: Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, New York Giants, New York Jets, San Francisco

3 times: Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Oakland, Seattle, Washington

Two more quick stats:

* In those 96 games where a QB amassed 400 or more yards passing, that QB’s team won 36 and lost 60.

* In the 11 games where the Packers have allowed a QB to throw for 400 or more yards since 2003, Green Bay won five of those games and lost six.

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50 stats Packers fans may not know

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The Green Bay Packers open up their 2013 regular season against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. As you get ready for the opening game kickoff, here are 50 stats that you may now know about the Packers and some of their players (and coaches), past and present.

  1. The Packers have the best record of NFC teams in this century (131-77, .630). The New England Patriots have the NFL’s best record since 2000 (151-57, .726).
  2. Lindy Infante won 24 games as Packers coach from 1988-91. His 40 wins as an NFL head coach (he won 16 as head coach of the Colts) are the most by any NFL head coach with the last name starting with the letter “I.”
  3. The Packers are one of nine NFL teams that has had fewer than three head coaches since 2000.
  4. Mike McCarthy is tied for fourth with most seniority for current head coaches with 112 regular season games coached.
  5. Green Bay has a winning percentage of .795 since 2000 in games where their defense has two or more takeaways.
  6. The last time the Packers lost three straight games in a season was 2008. Only two teams (New England, 2002 and Atlanta, 2007) have a longer stretch of avoiding three-game losing streaks.
  7. Former Green Bay head coach Forrest Gregg is one of only two individuals who coached 160-plus NFL games and played in 160-plus NFL games.
  8. The Packers are 21-15 in non-Sunday games since 2000.
  9. The Packers will appear on Monday Night Football for the 21st straight season in 2013. Only the Denver Broncos have a longer streak (they will appear in their 22nd straight season this year).
  10. Green Bay is one of only five teams to have a winning percentage of .600 or better in games in September since 2000 (they are 27-19).
  11. Since 2000, the Packers are 42-6 (.875 winning percentage) in games when they don’t commit a turnover.
  12. The Pack has allowed 130 sacks in the last three seasons, fourth most in the league.
  13. Aaron Rodgers tossed four TD passes in the team’s Nov. 4, 2012, 31-17 win over Arizona, but completed less than 50% of his passes in that game. He became the 31st QB since 1966 to have four or more TDs passes with a completion rate under 50% in that game.
  14. Green has had eight starting quarterbacks in the last 25 years. The Bears have had 28.
  15. Sixteen different quarterbacks have had five or more playoff games with a 100.0 or better Passer Rating in that game. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers are both on this list. Favre had 10; Rodgers has five.
  16. Rodgers is the first QB in NFL history to have been sacked 50 or more times in a season and have a Passer Rating above 100.0 in that season twice.
  17. Former Green Bay running back Ahman Green is one of only nine running backs in NFL history to have 250 or more carries and 50 or more receptions in a season.
  18. The Packers have not had a 1,000-yard rusher since Ryan Grant in 2009. The Packers are one of six teams that did not have a 1,000-yard rusher in any of the last three NFL seasons.
  19. Greg Jennings last year became the fifth Packers receiver to have 400 catches and 50 TD receptions with the team (he joined Donald Driver, Sterling Sharpe, Don Hutson and Antonio Freeman). No other NFL team has five receivers with 400-plus catches and 50-plus TD receptions.
  20. Randall Cobb last season had 10 rushes, 80 pass receptions, 31 punt returns and 38 kickoff returns. That was the first time in NFL history that a player had attained those numbers in a season.
  21. Cobb became the sixth player in NFL history to have 1,000 or more yards from scrimmage and 1,000 or more yards in kick return yards in a season (he had 1,086 yards from scrimmage and 1,256 yards in kick returns).
  22. Former Packers placekicker Ryan Longwell is one of only nine kickers to have made 100 or more field goals with two NFL teams. He had 226 with the Packers and 135 with the Vikings.
  23. Mason Crosby is one of 22 kickers with a playoff field goal success rate over 80%. Crosby has made 83.3% of his playoff field goal attempts.
  24. John Kuhn and Jordy Nelson are active leaders in a unique TD category. Kuhn leads active players with the last name starting with “K” in touchdowns with 19. LeRoy Kelly leads all “K” players with 90. Nelson leads active players with the last name starting with “N” in TDs with 28. Ozzie Newsome heads the “N” list with 49 career touchdowns.
  25. The Packers have won four games since 1970 when they scored less than 10 points in a game. Buffalo and the Colts lead that category with 10 wins each when they scored less than 10 points in a game.
  26. Since 2000, Green Bay is 3-10 in games when they are scoreless at halftime.
  27. The Packers are one of only four NFL teams that has lost only two or fewer home games by 30 points or more since 1966.
  28. The Pack has scored 10 or more points in 35 straight games, the fourth longest active streak in the league.
  29. In the last five seasons, the Packers have scored 26 offensive TDs of 50 yards or more, most in the NFL. Jordy Nelson scored seven of those TDs.
  30. The Packers are tied with the Atlanta Falcons for most wins by an NFC team in the last three seasons (36). The Patriots top the NFL with 39 wins since 2010.
  31. From 1990-2012, the Pack are 15-9 in games after the bye week. They are one of only nine teams with a winning percentage of .600 or above in those games.
  32. Over the last five years, Green Bay has won 40 and lost 16 in games played in the Central time zone (a .714 winning percentage). In games played outside Central Standard Time, the Packers are 13-11 (.542) since 2008.
  33. Since the beginning of the Super Bowl era (1966) the Packers have been “one-and-out” in the playoffs six times. The Colts and Vikings have each been “one-and-out” in the playoffs in 13 seasons, tops in the league.
  34. Since 2000, the Packers have won three road playoff games. The Ravens lead the NFL with nine road playoff wins since 2000.
  35. Ryan Longwell was one of only nine rookie placekickers to score points in a Super Bowl game.
  36. In 2012, the Packers scored points in 70 of their 173 possessions.
  37. In 2012, Packers’ opponents scored on 62 of their 176 possessions.
  38. The last time the Packers were shutout in a game was Nov. 19, 2006. They have been shutout in only two games since 2000.
  39. The last time the Pack scored on a kickoff return was Sept. 8, 2011. The last time they scored on a punt return was Sept. 9, 2012.
  40. The last time the Packers won an overtime game on the road was October 29, 2007.
  41. Green Bay has scored 50 points or more in a game five times since 1966.
  42. The Packers last had a losing season in 2008. The Patriots lead the NFL having not had a losing season since 2000.
  43. Green Bay scored four rushing touchdowns in last season’s 55-7 win over Tennessee on December 23. It was the ninth time in Packers history they scored four-plus rushing TDs in a game. They have won all nine of those games.
  44. Mason Crosby’s 12 missed field goals last year were the most by a Packers placekicker since Chester Marco missed 14 in 1974.
  45. Receiver James Jones had three TD receptions in the Pack’s December 16, 2012 win over the Bears. Jones only had 60 yards receiving in that game. It was the 25th time since 1966 that an NFL receiver had three or more TD receptions with 60 yards or less of receiving yards in that game.
  46. The Packers are 63-18 (.778 winning percentage) since 2000 in games where one running back gets 20 or more carries in the game.
  47. On December 9, 2012, Aaron Rodgers had no TD passes in that game. It was the seventh time he started a game and had no TD passes (the Packers are 3-4 in such games). Brett Favre had 37 regular season games without a TD pass with the Pack. The team was 12-25 in those contests.
  48. The 28-point loss to the New York Giants last season on November 25 was the first loss of 28-plus points since December 23, 2007 when the Packers lost 35-7 to the Chicago Bears.
  49. In the September 13, 2012 win over the Bears, the Packers “D” had seven sacks and four interceptions. It was third game in team history where they had seven-plus sacks and four-plus interceptions in the same game. Last time was in September 24, 1978 when they defeated San Diego 24-3 with eight sacks and five interceptions.
  50. The last Packers runner to have 100 or more yards rushing in a season-opening game was Ahman Green in 2006 when he gained 110 yards.

99 Stats Until Kickoff (#34) Greg Jennings became fifth ‘400-50’ receiver for the Pack

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From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings has decided to travel west and become a Minnesota Viking, but it is noteworthy to mention that his last reception in the New Orleans‘ game on September 30 was a milestone for Number 85 while in a Packers jersey.

In the second quarter of that game, Jennings caught a nine-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers. It was the 50th receiving TD of Jennings’ career with the Pack and his 401st reception as a Packer. He not only became the fifth Packer to amass 400 receptions and 50 TD catches with the franchise, but he also became the 58th player in NFL history to have 400 catches and 50 receptions with one NFL franchise.

All total, 94 players are members of the 400 catches-50 TD receptions club.

Following are the five members of the Packers 400-50 Club.

Packers receivers with 400 catches and 50 touchdowns

Donald Driver: 738 receptions, 60 TDs

Sterling Sharpe: 595 receptions, 65 TDs

Don Hutson: 488 receptions, 99 TDs

Antonio Freeman: 431 receptions, 57 TDs

Greg Jennings: 425 receptions, 53 TDs

With Jennings becoming the fifth Packers player to join the 400-50 Club, the Packers now have the most members of any NFL team. Green Bay was tied with the Washington Redskins with four 400-50 members. Following are the number of players that have collected 400 receptions and 50 TD receptions with each NFL franchise.

5: Green Bay

4: Washington

3: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, San Diego

2: Arizona, Carolina, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, New England, New Orleans, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis

1: Buffalo, Houston, Jacksonville, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Seattle, Tennessee

0: Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Tampa Bay

Three more players joined the 400-50 Club this past season. In Detroit, Calvin Johnson joined the club and now has 488 catches and 54 TDs; in Atlanta, Roddy White now has 622 receptions and 52 TD receptions with the Falcons; in New Orleans, Marques Colston joined the club in 2012 with his career total of 532 catches and 58 pass receptions for TD.

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The Mike McCarthy playoff era: 10 stats you probably didn’t know!

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Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy took over head coaching duties for the team in 2006 and has compiled an impressive 74-38 regular season record. In addition, McCarthy has led the Packers to the playoffs in five of his seven seasons where the team has won six playoff games and lost three (through January 5, 2013).

Let’s take a look at the Mike McCarthy playoff era; those nine playoff games the Packers have currently played (they play playoff game number 10 in the McCarthy era tonight against the San Francisco 49ers).

1. With McCarthy as head coach, the Packers are 5-0 in playoff games played in an odd-numbered year. The team is 1-3 in playoff games played in an even-numbered year

2. The Packers are 2-2 in home playoff games in the McCarthy era and 1-0 at neutral sites (Super Bowl). McCarthy’s teams have a 3-1 record in road playoff games.

3. During McCarthy’s tenure, the Pack has won each of the three Saturday playoff games they played; they are 3-3 in Sunday playoff contests.

4. The Packers have scored 20 or more points in each of the nine playoff games under McCarthy’s leadership. The team is 6-1 in games when they scored 21 or more points in a playoff game since 2006 (the only loss was the 51-45 defeat at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals).

5. When Green Bay allowed 21 or fewer points in a playoff game under McCarthy, the team is a perfect 5-0.

6. The Packers had the lead at halftime in each of the last six playoff games they won.

7. Green Bay has scored first in only three of the nine playoff games under McCarthy.

8. The Pack averaged 119 yards per game on the ground in their six McCarthy era playoff wins, only 88 yards rushing per game in the three losses.

9. The Packers had nine turnovers in their three playoff losses since 2006. In their six playoff wins since 2006, they had only seven turnovers. The defense had 15 takeaways in those six wins; they had only three takeaways in the three losses.

10. The Green Bay defense had 16 sacks in their six playoff wins under McCarthy; in the three losses they had only four sacks. The Packers QB was sacked nine times in their three defeats; they allowed 12 sacks in the six wins.

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The rushing TD makes a big splash in Packers latest victory

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The Green Bay Packers 55-7 win over the Tennessee Titans last Sunday featured a couple of elements that have been pretty rare in Packers games over the last couple of seasons.

First, the team scored four rushing touchdowns. This was the first game with four or more rushing TDs since the team had five TDs via the run in a December 27, 2009 game against the Seattle Seahawks. It was also the ninth game with four-plus rushing touchdowns since 1966 (the start of the Super Bowl era). Games with four-plus rushing TDs:

December 23, 2012: four rushing TDs vs. Tennessee
December 27, 2009: five rushing TDs vs. Seattle
January 2, 2000: four rushing TDs vs. Arizona
October 31, 1994: four rushing TDs vs. Chicago
October 9, 1988: five rushing TDs vs. New England
September 9, 1979: four rushing TDs vs. New Orleans
October 15, 1978: four rushing TDs vs. Seattle
September 26, 1971: four rushing TDs vs. Denver
October 22, 1967: five rushing TDs vs. New York Giants

The Packers won each of the above nine games. In fact, in the 33 games where the Packers have scored three or more rushing TDs, the team has a 32-1 record (only loss was a 41-38 defeat at the hands of the Rams when the Pack scored three TDs via the run).

The four-rushing-TD game last Sunday was unique for two more reasons: The team gained only 117 yards rushing in this four-TD game; it was the fewest rushing yards in a game where they scored four-plus rushing touchdowns. The Packers averaged only 3.3 yards per rushing attempt in the game, the lowest yards per rushing attempt in a game where they scored four-plus TDs rushing.

The other rarity we saw last Sunday was a running back with two rushing touchdowns. Ryan Grant had a pair of TD runs, the first time a Packers runner has scored two or more rushing TDs since Grant did it in a December 11, 2011 game against the Raiders. The Packers have played 95 games since 1960 where a runner had two-plus rushing touchdowns in a game.  The team has a 81-13-1 record in those games.

It was Grant’s fifth game in which he scored two or more rushing touchdowns as a Packer. Jim Taylor tops the list with 16 games with two-plus rushing TDs. Here are the Packers who have scored two or more rushing touchdowns in the most games since 1960:

Games with two-plus rushing TDs, Player

16: Jim Taylor
14: Ahman Green
7: Paul Hornung
5: John Brockington, Ryan Grant, Eddie Lee Ivery, Dorsey Levens, Elijah Pitts

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