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Five stats you may not know about the Denver-Dallas shootout

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Tony Romo (en) at a Dallas Cowboys (en) preseason.

Tony Romo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys combined for 99 points and over a 1,000 total net yards in Denver’s 51-48 win over Dallas on Sunday. Dallas QB Tony Romo broke the team record for most passing yards (506), and Romo and opposing QB Peyton Manning combined for 920 passing yards and nine passing TDs.

Here’s a look at a few more stats of interest that you may not know from yesterday’s shootout.

1. With their 51 points, the Broncos became the 203rd team to score 50-plus in a professional game since 1940. Their three-point victory tied for the smallest margin of victory for a team scoring 50 or more points. On December 22, 1963, Oakland defeated Houston 52-49; twenty years later, the Seahawks scored 51 in a 51-48 win over Kansas City on November 27, 1983.

2. The Cowboys became the ninth team in NFL history to score 45 or more points in a game and lose. The aforementioned Houston Oilers hold the record for most points scored in a loss with 49. The teams that scored the most points in a loss:
49: Houston (12/22/63)
48: Kansas City (11/27/83); Cleveland (11/28/2004); Dallas (10/6/2013)
47: Washington (10/17/83)
45: Denver (11/22/62); Miami (9/21/86); Cincinnati (9/16/2007); Green Bay (1/10/10)

3. Romo became the 15th QB to throw five or more TD passes in a game and lose. Three players have tossed six TD passes in a losing cause: Charley Johnson (St. Louis 11/2/69); Dan Marino (Miami 9/21/86) and Carson Palmer (Cincinnati 9/16/2007). Teams are 148-15 in games their QB has five or more TD passes, a .908 winning percentage.

4. Romo also became the seventh QB to pass for 500 or more yards in a losing cause. Dan Marino holds the record with 521 yards passing in the Dolphins’ October 23, 1988 loss to the New York Jets. Those QBs with 500 or more passing yards in a loss:
521: Dan Marino (Miami, 10/23/88)
520: Matthew Stafford (Detroit, 1/1/2012)
513: Phil Simms (NYGiants, 10/13/85)
510: Drew Brees (New Orleans, 11/19/2006)
509: Vince Ferragamo (LARams, 12/26/82)
506: Tony Romo (Dallas, 10/6/2013)
504: Elvis Grbac (Kansas City, 11/5/2000)

5. Yesterday’s game was the 11th game in history where opposing quarterbacks each passed for more than 400 yards (Romo had 506, Manning 414). It was also the second time it happened this season: Philip Rivers (419) and Michael Vick (428) each eclipsed the 400-yard mark in the Chargers-Eagles game on September 15. Here are the 11 games where both QBs had 400 or more yards passing:
1-2-1982: Dal Foust (San Diego, 433) and Don Strock (Miami, 403)
12-20-1982: Ken Anderson (Cincinnati, 416) and Dan Fouts (San Diego, 435)
9-21-1986: Dan Marino (Miami, 448) and Ken O’Brien (NYJets, 479)
9-13-1992: Jim Kelly (Buffalo, 403) and Steve Young (San Francisco, 403)
9-4-1994: Drew Bledsoe (New England, 421) and Dan Marino (Miami, 473)
9-19-2010: Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia, 426) and Matt Schaub (Houston, 497)
9-12-2011: Tom Brady (New England, 517) and Chad Henne (Miami, 416)
1-1-2012: Matt Flynn (Green Bay, 480) and Matthew Stafford (Detroit, 520)
12-23-2012: Drew Brees (New Orleans, 446) and Tony Romo (Dallas, 416)
9-15-2013: Philip Rivers (San Diego, 419) and Michael Vick (Philadelphia, 428)
10-6-2013: Peyton Manning (Denver, 414) and Tony Romo (Dallas, 506)

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Peyton and Rivers make a little QB history this past weekend

English: Philip Rivers on the sideline of the ...

 Philip Rivers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published with a focus on stats that go beyond the numbers.

This past weekend, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers had big games for their respective teams and in the process made a little history. Here’s a look at what made this past week’s games so noteworthy for Manning and Rivers.

Peyton Manning: Through the first four weeks of this season, Manning has 16 touchdown passes and no interceptions. With 16-0 after Week 4 games, Manning eclipsed Don Meredith’s mark for most TD passes without an interception after the first four weeks of an NFL season. Meredith, the happy-go-lucky Cowboys’ QB-turned-TV-broadcaster, in 1966 had 14 TD passes without an Interception through the first four weeks of the season. Here’s a look at the QBs who had the most TD passes through Week 4 without an interception (from 1960-current).

Quarterback, Team, Year, TD Passes
Peyton Manning, Denver, 2013, 16
Don Meredith, Dallas, 1966, 14
Gary Danielson, Detroit, 1984, 9
Roman Gabriel, LA Rams, 1969, 9
Brad Johnson, Washington, 1999, 9
Steve Bartkowski, Atlanta, 1983, 8
Joe Ferguson, Buffalo, 1976, 8
John Hadl, LA Rams, 1973, 8
Mark Sanchez, NY Jets, 2010, 8
Fran Tarkenton, NY Giants, 1969, 8

Through Week 4, Manning has a Passer Rating of 138.0. That ranks fourth on the all-time list of highest Passer Rating for a QB through Week 4 of a season. Topping the list is Milt Plum who had a Passer Rating of 152.7 for Cleveland through Week 4 in 1960. Here is a list of the QBs with the highest Passer Rating through Week 4 in NFL history.

Quarterback, Team, Year, Passer Rating through Week 4
Milt Plum, Cleveland, 1960, 152.7
John Hadl, LA Rams, 1973, 145.7
Craig Morton, Dallas, 1969, 143.3
Peyton Manning, Denver, 2013, 138.0
Don Meredith, Dallas, 1966, 136.9
Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams, 1999, 136.0
Tom Brady, New England, 2007, 134.7
Johnny Unitas, Baltimore, 1964, 133.6
Steve Young, San Francisco, 1997, 133.3

Philip Rivers: With 401 yards passing, three TD passes and a completion rate of 83.3%, Rivers became the fifth QB in history to attain those numbers in a game. Ironically, Rivers is the second QB this season to throw for 400-plus yards, three or more TD passes, and have a completion percentage over 80% in a game. Green Bay Aaron Rodgers did it in Week 2 versus the Redskins.

Here’s a look at the five QB who have reached the 400 yards-3 TD passes-80% completion mark in an NFL game

9-29-2013: Philip Rivers, San Diego, 401 passing yards, three TD passes, 83.3% completion
9-15-2013: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, 480 passing yards, four TD passes, 80.9% completion
12-18-2011: Drew Brees, New Orleans, 412 passing yards, five TD passes, 80% completion
11-28-1993: Steve Young, San Francisco, 462 passing yards, four TD passes, 81.3% completion
11-2-1986: Ken O’Brien, NY Jets, 431 passing yards, four TD passes, 81.3% completion

In addition, Rivers, with his 401 passing yards and completion rate of 83.3%, now holds the record for the highest completion rate in a game for a QB passing for 400 or more yards. He also now holds the record for highest completion percentage for a QB throwing 40 or more passes in a game. Tampa Bay’s Jeff Garcia previously held that record; he was 37 for 45 (82.2%) in a 2007 game.

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Colts retain ‘Kings of September’ title

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published with a focus on stats that go beyond the numbers.

English: Reggie Wayne, a player on the Indiana...

Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the calendar turns to October, the 2013 NFL season is now four weeks old. September was good to five teams in particular – the Patriots, Broncos, Chiefs, Saints and Seahawks – as each of them went 4-0 in the first month of the season.

The Indianapolis Colts turned the page on the 2013 calendar to October with a 3-1 record. That 3-1 mark was good enough to keep the franchise at the top of the list for win-loss records in September since 2000. Since 2000, the Colts have a 32-13 record in September (a .711 winning percentage) making them the only NFL franchise to win 70 percent of their games in the season’s first month since the turn of the century. It’s important to note that from 2000 to 2007, at the height of Peyton Manning’s career at the helm of the Colts, the team went 22-4 in the month of September. Since then (from 2008 to 2013) the Colts are 10-9 in September.

Following are the win-loss records for each franchise in the month of September from the 2000 season through the 2013 season.

Team, win-loss record & pct. in September games (2000-2013)
Indianapolis 32-13 .711

Denver 33-16 .673
Baltimore 29-17 .630
New England 29-17 .630
Seattle 29-18 .617

New York Giants 27-20 .574
Green Bay 28-21 .571
Dallas 26-20 .565
Philadelphia 27-21 .563
Atlanta 26-22 .542
New York Jets 25-22 .532
New Orleans 25-22 .532
San Diego 24-24 .500

Tampa Bay 23-24 .489
Pittsburgh 22-23 .489
Minnesota 23-25 .479
Washington 22-24 .478
Chicago 22-24 .478
Tennessee 22-24 .478
Kansas City 22-26 .458
Jacksonville 21-26 .447
Oakland 21-26 .447
Buffalo 21-26 .447
Cincinnati 21-26 .447
San Francisco 20-27 .426
Miami 20-27 .426
Houston 17-23 .425
Carolina 19-26 .422
Detroit 19-27 .413
Arizona 19-28 .404

St. Louis 18-31 .367
Cleveland 16-33 .327

In looking at the September records of each team since 2009 (the last five years), we see that the best September record since ’09 belongs to the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots. The Ravens and Pats have each won 12 of their 17 September games since 2009. At the other end of the list are the Carolina Panthers who are only 3-13 in September games since 2009.

Following are the September records for each of the teams since 2009.

Team, win-loss record & pct. in September games (2009-2013)

12-5: Baltimore, New England

11-5: Chicago
11-6: Denver, Houston, New Orleans, New York Jets

10-6: Green Bay
10-7 Arizona, Atlanta, Cincinnati, San Diego, Seattle

9-7: Dallas, Indianapolis
9-8: Philadelphia, San Francisco

8-9: Buffalo, Detroit, Kansas City, Minnesota, New York Giants, Tennessee

7-9: Pittsburgh
7-10: Washington

6-11: Miami, Oakland

5-12: Tampa Bay

4-13: Cleveland, Jacksonville, St. Louis

3-13: Carolina

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Packers on the wrong end of another 400-yard passer

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published with a focus on stats that go beyond the numbers.

English: Logo of Green Bay Packers Deutsch: Lo...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For Green Bay Packers fans, this is getting to be all-too-common… an opposing quarterback having a big game and throwing for 300 or more yards.

Sunday’s game against the 49ers was no different. San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick passed for 412 yards in his team’s 34-28 win over the Pack. Not only was this Kaepernick’s first game with over 400 yards passing, it was also his first game with over 300 yards passing.

For the record, Kaepernick was one of three QBs with 400 or more yards passing in Week One. Peyton Manning had 462 passing yards in Denver’s win over Baltimore on Thursday; little brother Eli had 450 passing yards in his team’s Sunday night loss to the Cowboys.

But back to the Packers. What’s frustrating for the Packers and their fans is QB’s torching their defense has been a frequent occurrence. Consider this: In the last 10 seasons (2003-2012) and the first week of this season, there were 96 games where a quarterback passed for 400 or more yards in a game. Of those 96, the Packers were the defensive team that QB had the 400-yard game against 11 times. Next on the list is New Orleans which gave up 400 or more yards passing to a QB six times since 2003.

Here’s a look at the teams that have surrendered 400 or more yards passing to a QB three or more times since 2003.

11 times: Green Bay

6 times: New Orleans

5 times: Arizona, Denver, Houston, San Diego

4 times: Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, New York Giants, New York Jets, San Francisco

3 times: Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Oakland, Seattle, Washington

Two more quick stats:

* In those 96 games where a QB amassed 400 or more yards passing, that QB’s team won 36 and lost 60.

* In the 11 games where the Packers have allowed a QB to throw for 400 or more yards since 2003, Green Bay won five of those games and lost six.

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Peyton Manning’s 7 TD passes a feat for ‘thirtysomething’ QBs

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning (Photo credit: Greece Trip Admin)

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published with a focus on stats that go beyond the numbers. 

We all know that Denver’s Peyton Manning tied an NFL record with seven TD passes in the Broncos’ victory Thursday night against the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. But what makes this feat even more amazing is that Manning did it at the age of 37.

Ironically, the two other QBs who have thrown for seven TD passes in a game were both in their 30’s when they accomplished the feat. Y.A. Tittle did it in 1962 just four days after his 36th birthday. Joe Kapp was 31 in 1969 when he tossed seven TD passes for the Minnesota Vikings against Baltimore.

Manning became the ninth QB age 35 or older to thrown for five or more TDs in a game. It was the 13th time since 1960 that an NFL QB age 35 or older had five or more TD passes in a game. George Blanda had five or more TD passes in a game four times at age 35-plus; Tittle did it twice, as did Warren Moon. Other QBs, in addition to Peyton Manning, who had five or more TD passes in a game at age 35 or older were Brett Favre, Rich Gannon, Babe Parilli, Vinny Testaverde and Kurt Warner.

With his seven TD passes in the opening game of the season, Manning now has thrown 44 TD passes at age 35 or older. That moved him into 26th place in the list of QBs who have the most TD passes at age 35 or older. Manning will set his sets on breaking into the Top 25 as next on the list is Phil Simms with 48.

Here’s a list of the NFL QBs who have the most TD passes at age 35 and older (from 1960 to current).

Quarterback, TD passes at age 35 or older
Brett Favre… 155
Warren Moon… 140
George Blanda… 124
John Elway… 101
Y.A. Tittle… 90
Kurt Warner… 89
Vinny Testaverde… 85
Fran Tarkenton… 76
Doug Flutie… 72
Steve Young… 71

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