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Today’s Sports Stats-August 6, 2017

Bartolo Colon on Friday, August 4, pitched a complete game victory for the Minnesota Twins, 8-4, over the Texas Rangers. Colon, who is 44 years of age, became only the 16th pitcher in MLB history to get a complete game win at age 44 or older. It was also the 66th time in baseball history that a pitcher 44 years of age or older had a complete game win.

Jamie Moyer holds the MLB record for the oldest pitcher to get a complete game win. He was 47 years-199 days on June 5, 2010 when he got the win in pitching a complete game in the Philadelphia Phillies 6-2 win over San Diego.

Jack Quinn holds the MLB mark for most complete game wins for a pitcher 44 years of age and older. He had 28 of the previously-mentioned 66 games noted.

Following are the 16 pitchers who at age 44 or older had a complete game win (number of games listed in parenthesis).

Jack Quinn (28)

Phil Niekro (10)

Satchel Paige, Jamie Moyer, Charlie Hough, Nolan Ryan, Tommy John, Warren Spahn (3 each)

Bobo Newsom, Jesse Haines (2 each)

Ted Lyons, Randy Johnson, Gaylord Perry, Fred Johnson, Bartolo Colon, Dennis Martinez (1 each)