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Last playoff win for NFL teams

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

Five NFL teams have not had a win in the playoffs since 1995 and beyond. But the interesting thing about these teams is that three of the five teams have winning records after Week 9 of this season and are right in the hunt for making the playoffs and possibly ending their playoff win drought. (Plus the Kansas City Chiefs are tied for first place with a 4-4 record.)

The five teams with the longest drought for a win in the playoffs (and their current record in 2011)

Team (current record)        Last season they won a playoff game

Cincinnati (6-2)                                            1990

Detroit (6-2)                                                  1991

Kansas City (4-4)                                          1993

Cleveland (3-5)                                             1994

Buffalo (5-3)                                                  1995

Here are the remainder of the NFL teams and the last year they won a playoff game. (Note: The Houston Texans franchise began in 2002; they have never won a playoff game)

Last season team(s) won a playoff game

2000: Miami

2002: Oakland, San Francisco, Tampa Bay

2003: Tennessee

2004: Atlanta, St. Louis

2005: Carolina, Denver, Washington

2007: Jacksonville, New England, NY Giants

2008: Philadelphia, San Diego

2009: Dallas, Minnesota, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Arizona

2010: Chicago, Green Bay, Seattle, Pittsburgh, NY Jets, Baltimore


Patriots take lead in ‘NFL Team of the Century’ race!

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a  bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

We are about 11-and-a-half NFL seasons in to the 21st century and the New England Patriots have opened up a 6 1/2 game lead in the race for the team of the century. Prior to the start of this season, the Pats had a slim one-game lead over Indianapolis for the best team since 2000, but the Colts 0-8 start this year has put some room between the Pats and Indy. On the NFC side, the Philadelphia Eagles have a four-game lead over the Green Bay Packers for the best record this century. Following are the records of the NFL teams since 2000.

New England                  131-52

Indianapolis                   125-59

Pittsburgh                      121-62-1

Philadelphia                   116-67

Green Bay                        112-71

Baltimore                        109-74

New York Giants           103-80

Tennessee                       101-82

Denver                              99-84

New Orleans                    99-85

San Diego                         98-85

Chicago                             96-87

New York Jets                 95-88

Tampa Bay                      93-90

Atlanta                            92-90-1

Minnesota                        92-92

Dallas                                91-92

Seattle                               91-92

Miami                               86-97

Jacksonville                     86-98

Kansas City                      84-99

Carolina                            83-101

San Francisco                  80-103

St. Louis                           79-104

Washington                     79-104

Cincinnati                        77-106

Buffalo                              75-108

Oakland                            74-109

Houston                           60-92

Arizona                             68-115

Cleveland                         67-116

Detroit                              54-130

NFL 2011 season… a stats potpourri after Week Five!

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

We’ve made it through five weeks of the 2011 NFL season with Week Six kicking off today. Here’s a handful of stats looking back at the first five weeks.

* Is time of possession an important stat for success in the NFL? Consider this: There are six teams that have an average time of possession advantage of five minutes or more over their opponents after five weeks. The record of these six teams is 21-7. The San Diego Chargers top the list… they have a per-game average time of possession of 35:17 compared to their opposition’s 24:43 (a +10:34). Teams with the biggest per-game average time of possession advantage: San Diego (+10:34), Washington (+7:20), Houston (+6:50), Dallas (+6:22), New Orleans (+6:00), Green Bay (+5:36). The worst? Indianapolis (-10:58), Seattle (-9:14), Denver (-6:34), Tennessee (-5:50), St. Louis (-5:24), Kansas City (-5:16). The record of these six teams: 8-21.

* Seven players are averaging 19 or more yards per reception (minimum of 10 receptions this season). Leading the way is Carolina’s Steve Smith  with 22.6 yards per catch. Others on the list: Garcon (Indy) 21.1, Floyd (San Diego) 21.5, Henderson (N.O.) 21.2, Cruz (NY Giants) 20.3, D. Jackson (Phil.) 20.3, Ballard (N.Y. Giants) 19.2.

* You know you’re having trouble scoring when your kicker has almost half of your points. Four teams have kickers that have 40% or more of their points after Week 5. The teams (with percent of points by their kicker): Jacksonville (49.2%), Miami (47.8%), St. Louis (47.8%), Dallas (45.5%).

* Scoring “return TDs” (those TDs via a kick return, punt return, interception return, fumble return) has been a good omen for some teams. Five teams have three or more return TDs this season: Baltimore-4, Chicago-3, NY Jets-3, Buffalo-3, San Francisco-3. These teams are 15-9 this season. Four teams have given up three or more return TDs: Carolina-3, Dallas-3, NY Jets-3, St. Louis-3. These teams have combined for a 5-13 record.

* Need another indicator that the NFL is a quarterback-driven league? In looking at the team passer ratings, there’s an interesting stat when you compare how well a team’s QBs do and how well the team’s defense does in preventing the opposing QBs from having a good game. Case in point: Led by Aaron Rodgers 122.9 passer rating, the Packers team QB rating is 120.0; the Packer defense has held opposing QBs to a 83.1 passer rating, a difference of 36.9, which is tops in the NFL. Sixteen teams have a higher passer rating on offense than their opponents; 16 have a lower passer rating on offense than their opponents. The teams with the higher passer rating than their opponents have a record of 55-22 (.714 winning percentage); those with a lower passer rating than their opponents are 22-55.

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG FOR A TRIVIA QUESTION. Who had a better record in their first year coaching the Packers, Mike Sherman or Mike McCarthy? Answer at end of the blog.

* How well are the eight teams with new head coaches beginning their first full season doing after five weeks? San Francisco (Jim Harbaugh) 4-1, Tennessee (Mike Munchak) 3-2, Oakland (Hue Jackson) 3-2, Dallas (Jason Garrett) 2-2, Cleveland (Pat Shurmur) 2-2, Denver (John Fox) 1-4, Carolina (Ron Rivera) 1-4, Minnesota (Leslie Frazier) 1-4.

TRIVIA ANSWER. The Packers were 9-7 in Mike Sherman’s first season in 2000; the Pack were 8-8 in Mike McCarthy’s rookie season of 2006.

100+ win seasons: A guaranteed trip to the World Series?

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a bonus posting “SIX STATS…” published every Friday.

The Philadelphia Phillies top the majors with 81 wins (as of August 21). They are 38 games over .500 and just need to go 19-19 to finish with 100 wins this season. There are a couple other teams that may challenge the 100-win mark this season: Boston and the New York Yankees, but they may have a little more of a challenge to reach 100 wins.

In looking at the history of major league baseball, how “magical” has the 100-win season been for teams? Better stated, does a 100 or more win season equate to success in the post-season? Let’s take a look back to 1903 when MLB had its first World Series.

*     Since 1903, there have been 92 teams that won 100 or more games in a season.

*     Of those 92, 62 went on to the World Series that year. Thirty-four 100-win (or more) teams won the World Series that same season.

*     In 1969, MLB went to two divisions in each league. From 1903-68, 47 teams had 100 or more wins in a season. Of those 47, 24 won the World Series that year. From 1969 to 2010, 45 teams won 100 or more games in a season; only ten of those 45 won the World Series that year.

*     Since 1980, 30 teams have won 100 or more games. Four won the World Series, seven lost in the World Series, eight lost in the league championship series, nine lost in the league divisional series, and two teams (San Francisco 103 wins in 1993 and Baltimore 100 wins in 1980) did not even make the playoffs in the year they won 100 or more games.

(WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG FOR A TRIVIA QUESTION: Name the last team to win 100 or more games in a season and win the World Series that year.)

*     Since 2000, 13 teams have won 100 or more games. Only one team won the World Series, two lost in the World Series, three lost in the league championship series and seven lost in the league divisional series.

Following are the franchises that have won 100 or more games in the most seasons.

Team                             100 or more win seasons

New York Yankees                               19

Oakland/Philadelphia A’s                  10

St. Louis Cardinals                                8

San Francisco/NY Giants                     7

Atlanta/Milwaukee/Boston Braves   6

Did you know? These current franchises have never had a season with 100 or more wins: Colorado, Florida, Milwaukee, San Diego, Washington, Tampa Bay, Texas and Toronto.

TRIVIA ANSWER: The New York Yankees won 103 games in 2009 and won the World Series that season. Prior to that, the 1998 New York Yankees won 114 games and the title. The last National League team to win 100 or more games in a season and the World Series that year were the 1986 Mets who won 108 games.