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MLB players blessed with speed and a great eye at the plate



You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to discover the secret to Rickey Henderson’s success in baseball: He had great speed and a great eye at the plate. That translated to a career where Henderson is not only the MLB career leader in stolen bases with 1,406 (he is the only player with more than 1,000 career steals) but he is also second all-time behind Barry Bonds in walks with 2,190.

That combination of speed and discernment at the plate makes Rickey the only player in MLB history to have over 1,000 steals and walks. But there are a few other players who have taken advantage of their own double-barreled threat at the plate and on the base paths. In fact, there are 10 players in MLB history who have at least 500 stolen bases and 1,000 walks. They are:

Player, Stolen Bases, Walks (last MLB season)
Barry Bonds, 514-2558 (2007)
Brett Butler, 558-1129 (1997)
Max Carey, 728-1040 (1929)
Ty Cobb, 897-1249 (1928)
Eddie Collins, 741-1499 (1930)
Rickey Henderson, 1406-2190 (2003)
Paul Molitor, 504-1094 (1998)
Joe Morgan, 689-1865 (1984)
Tim Raines, 808-1330 (2002)
Ozzie Smith, 580-1072 (1996)

Of the 10 players above, seven are in the Hall of Fame; the three that are not: Bonds, Butler and Raines.

Looking at today’s players, there are eight players who were active in 2014 that have 250 career stolen bases and 500 career walks. The eight:

Player, Stolen Bases, Walks
Melvin Upton, 264-531
Ichiro Suzuki, 490-573
Jimmy Rollins, 456-768
Alex Rodriquez, 322-1258
Hanley Ramirez, 262-514
Rafael Furcal, 314-643
Coco Crisp, 297-506
Carlos Beltran, 311-978

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