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How did Peyton Manning perform at the home fields of his four suitors?

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As the Peyton Manning sweepstakes draws to a conclusion, there is a lot of speculation about where Peyton will land. Some media sources have recently mentioned that it’s down to two teams, Denver and Tennessee. Other sources have the Miami and Arizona still in the mix.

There’s several theories about what factors will determine Manning’s destination. Well, here’s a “stats” look at another factor that may (or may not) play a role in where Peyton wants to play. Below is a look at each of the four teams vying for Manning’s services and how well Peyton played at those home fields of the four suitors. Did Peyton perform especially well as a member of the Indianapolis Colts playing at these venvues?

Stat                              ARIZ.          DENVER          MIAMI          TENN.

W-L record                     1-0                 3-1*                4-3               6-3

Pass pct.                       68.6               68.0                62.3             69.9

Yds per attempt            10.8                 7.1                 6.9               7.8

TDs/Ints                         4/1                  6/1                 7/8              16/9

QB Rating                    130.5             100.6               78.4             97.9

* Played only one series in the loss to Denver in their last regular season game before the playoffs. The Miami numbers do not include Peyton’s two Super Bowl appearances, which took place in Miami.

Unfortunately, there is not an equal sample of games to make any significant evaluation of Peyton’s numbers in these away games. If there is one key factor playing in the favor of the Titans, it’s that the Colts and Titans have played in the same division since 2002. Familiarity with the division would be an advantage.

If there is a factor playing in the favor of Arizona, it’s that Peyton has compiled better career stats against NFC opponents than AFC opponents (although his team has a better win-loss record against AFC teams). Here’s a breakdown of Peyton’s career stats versus AFC and NFC teams.

Stat                                         AFC          NFC

W-L pct.                                  .686          .654

Pass pct.                                 64.5          66.1

Yds per attempt                      7.48          7.98

TD/Int ratio                              1.9            2.4

QB Rating                               93.0         100.7

Note: TD/Int ratio means number of TD passes for every one interception.

Still confused? No clear-cut winner in these numbers. What’s my prediction? Peyton signs with Tennessee.