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L.A. Lakers on the wrong path to a historic season


The 2014-15 season is not even a month old, but we are starting to see glimpses of what this campaign has to offer… and for Los Angeles Lakers fans, it’s not pretty.

With a 3-10 record (as of November 21) and the 14th seed (out of 15) in the Western Conference, the Lakers, unless they can find a way to climb over some very good teams ahead of them, will be at home when the playoffs begin in late April, 2015. Missing a second consecutive playoffs would be a first for the Lakers since 1975-76 when they missed the post-season in two consecutive years. Only the San Antonio Spurs have the longest stretch in which they did not make the playoffs in two straight years, and that has never happened to the San Antonio franchise.

Here’s a look at the last time each NBA franchise missed the playoffs in two consecutive seasons.

Last time franchise missed the playoffs in two consecutive seasons

Never: San Antonio

1975-76: L.A. Lakers

1999-2000: Dallas

2002-03: Denver, Miami

2003-04: Chicago

2006-07: Atlanta, Boston

2008-09: Oklahoma City

2009-10: Indiana, Memphis, N.Y. Knicks

2010-11: L.A. Clippers

2011-12: Brooklyn, Golden State, Houston, Milwaukee

2012-13: Charlotte, Portland, Toronto, Washington

2013-14: Detroit, Cleveland, Minnesota, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Sacramento, Utah

What may be even more historic for the Lakers, however, is having a season-ending winning percentage under .400, which is where they were last year when they finished 27-55 (a .329 winning percentage). The Lakers franchise has never had back-to-back seasons where their winning percentage was under .400. They are the only current NBA franchise that can make that claim.

To avoid this historic feat, the Lakers will need to win 33 games this year; 33-49 would give them a winning percentage of .402. With a 3-10 record to this point, the Lakers will need to figure out a way to go 30-39 the remainder of the season.

Here’s a snapshot look at the last time each franchise finished with a winning percentage under .400 in back-to-back seasons.

Never: L.A. Lakers

1974-75: Phoenix

1978-79: Boston

1982-83: Utah

1983-84: Houston

1985-86: Indiana

1988-89: San Antonio

1990-91: Miami

1997-98: Philadelphia

1998-99: Dallas

2002-03: Denver

2003-04: Chicago

2006-07: Atlanta, Portland

2007-08: Milwaukee

2008-09: Memphis, Oklahoma City

2009-10: Golden State, N.Y. Knicks

2010-11: L.A. Clippers

2011-12: Brooklyn, Toronto

2012-13: Charlotte, Cleveland, Minnesota, New Orleans, Washington

2013-14: Detroit, Orlando, Sacramento

Last season eight teams finished the season under .400: Boston, Detroit, L.A. Lakers, Milwaukee, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento and Utah. Only two of those eight are currently over .500 for this season… Milwaukee and Sacramento.

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