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NFL QBs who completed 85% or more of their passes in a game

St. Louis Rams QB Austin Davis

St. Louis Rams QB Austin Davis

Last week Green Bay Packers signal-caller Aaron Rodgers and St. Louis Rams QB Austin Davis each completed over 85% of their passes in a game. Rodgers was 19 of 22 (86.4 completion rate) in Green Bay’s win over Carolina, while Davis was 18 of 21 (85.7 completion rate) in the Rams upset of Seattle. It was only the third time since 1966 that two QBs had a completion rate over 85% in a game (minimum of 20 pass attempts) in the same week. It happened December 27, 2009 when Tom Brady and Drew Brees did it, and it also happened earlier that season when Brett Favre and Kurt Warner did it in games in the same week (September 20).

For Davis, it was his first NFL game with a 85% completion rate. For Rodgers, on the other hand, this was his second such game. He did it in a playoff game against the Falcons in January, 2011 when he completed 31 of 36 passes (86.1% completion rate). Rodgers became the 14th QB in the Super Bowl era to have multiple games with an 85% or higher completion rate. (Note: He became the second Packers QB on this list. The other? Lynn Dickey. Favre is on the list with two such games, but he got his as the Vikings QB.)

Here’s a look at those 14 QBs with two or more games of completing 85% or more of their passes in a game (minimum of 20 pass attempts).

6: Drew Brees

3: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner

2: Ken Anderson, Mark Brunell, Lynn Dickey, Jim Everett, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Ken Stabler, Vinny Testaverde, Steve Young

The highest completion percentage since 1966 in a game with a minimum of 20 pass attempts is 92.9% by Brady in a January 12, 2008 playoff game against Jacksonville. Brady completed 26 of 28 passes in that game.

Seven QBs have completed 90% (or better) of their pass attempts in a game since the 1966 season. They are:

Tom Brady, New England, January 12, 2008: 26 of 28 (92.9%)
Kurt Warner, Arizona, September 20, 2009: 24 of 26 (92.3%)
Vinny Testaverde, Cleveland, December 26, 1993: 21 of 23 (91.3%)
Ken Anderson, Cincinnati, November 10, 1974: 20 of 22 (90.9%)
Lynn Dickey, Green Bay, December 13, 1981: 19 of 21 (90.5%)
Steve Young, San Francisco, October 20, 1991: 18 of 20 (90%)
Philip Rivers, San Diego, November 1, 2012: 18 of 20 (90%)

It’s interesting to note that of the 62 times since 1966 that a QB had completed 85% or more of his passes in a game (minimum of 20 attempts) that the QB’s team has won 58 of those games. Last QB to lose such a game was Drew Brees on December 27, 2009 when he completed 32 of 37 passes (86.5%) in a 20-17 loss to Tampa Bay.

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This is the Patriots time of the season

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With Chicago’s win over Green Bay last night, Week #9 is in the books for the 2013 season. For some teams, they have already started playing games in the second half of the season. For others, the ninth game of the year (and the start of their second half of the ’13 season) will begin this week.

The New England Patriots, led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, have been the NFL’s best team this century. One of the reasons for this has been how well the team has played in the second half of the season. Consider this: The Patriots were 27-5 in the second half of the season over the past four years, a .844 winning percentage, also tops in the league.

Following is a look at how well each of the teams have played in the second half of the season in the last four years (2009-2012, 32 games).

New England 27-5 .844

Green Bay 25-7 .781
New Orleans 23-9 .719

Atlanta 21-11 .656
Baltimore 21-11 .656
San Diego 21-11 .656
San Francisco 20-11-1 .641

Indianapolis 19-13 .594
Dallas 19-13 .594
Pittsburgh 18-14 .563
Denver 17-15 .531
Philadelphia 17-15 .531
Seattle 17-15 .531
Cincinnati 16-16 .500
Houston 16-16 .500
New York Jets 6-16 .500

Carolina 15-17 .469
Chicago 15-17 .469
Miami 15-17 .469
Tennessee 15-17 .469
Arizona 14-18 .438
Minnesota 14-18 .438
New York Giants 13-19 .406
Washington 13-19 .406

Kansas City 12-20 .375
Oakland 12-20 .375
Buffalo 11-21 .344
Jacksonville 11-21 .344
Cleveland 10-22 .313
Tampa Bay 10-22 .313

Detroit 9-23 .281
St. Louis 8-23-1 .266

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Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL’s best QB ‘quarter by quarter?’

Aaron Rodgers 2011-5

(Photo credit: elviskennedy)

If you want to get into a heated debate, start a discussion about who is the best quarterback in the NFL today. Is it Peyton Manning? Aaron Rodgers? Tom Brady? Drew Brees? How about Russell Wilson, RG III or Andrew Luck?

Everyone has their own criteria for determining the best. Let me offer some thoughts for discussion.

First, let’s use the Passer Rating as the numerical yardstick. Secondly, let’s look at how well QBs perform in each quarter. Are some QBs better in the first quarter and less effective in the fourth quarter.

Following is a breakdown of the QBs with the best Passer Ratings since 2010 in the first, second, third and fourth quarters (minimum of 100 passes attempted in each quarter to qualify for the list).

First Quarter
1. Aaron Rodgers, 114.4
2. Drew Brees, 109.8
3. Russell Wilson, 107.5
4. Andrew Luck, 105.6
5. Matt Ryan, 103.5

Second Quarter
1. Peyton Manning, 111.8
2. Shaun Hill, 111.6
3. Russell Wilson, 107.3
4. Robert Griffin III, 105.1
5. Aaron Rodgers, 102.8

Third Quarter
1. Aaron Rodgers, 117.1
2. Philip Rivers, 108.7
3. Colin Kaepernick, 106.1
4. Peyton Manning, 105.9
5. Matt Schaub, 103.2

Fourth Quarter
1. Aaron Rodgers, 108.9
2. Peyton Manning, 101.7
3. Tony Romo, 100.6
4. Tom Brady, 98.8
5. Russell Wilson, 98.2

Based on the numbers above, we discover some interesting talking points:

* Rodgers is the only QB who had a 100 or higher rating in each of the four quarters.

* Brees and Brady had a 100 Passer Rating in the first, second and third quarters, but not the fourth.

* Rodgers, Peyton and Tony Romo were the only QBs to have a 100 Passer Rating in both the third and fourth quarters.

Let’s look at the 2013 season. Peyton Manning is having a great season and his Broncos have been an early season favorite to make it to the Super Bowl. Peyton has the highest Passer Rating this season of QBs in the first and fourth quarters. Peyton’s Passer Rating is 128.9 in the first quarter and 124.3 in the fourth quarter. Seattle Russell Wilson has the best second quarter rating at 127.34, and Cam Newton has the best third quarter rating at 139.1.

For those Aaron Rodgers fans wondering where Rodgers is at in these 2013 by-quarter Passer Ratings, he is still near the top. His first quarter rating is 106.7, second quarter 93.3, third quarter 117.2, and fourth quarter 105.1. Rodgers is very consistent in his overall passing performance over the course of a game; but it is interesting to note that he seems to do his best work (statistically) in the third quarter, yet the second quarter is his worst (in terms of Passer Rating) of the four quarters. Theories? I’ll throw one out there: Rodgers and his coach Mike McCarthy may be the best at making adjustments at halftime to what their offense needs to do to be successful in the second half.

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Tom Brady joins John Elway at top of Super Bowl starts by QB list

John Elway tosses footballs to the crowd durin...

John Elway... Image via Wikipedia

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

Recently, blog follower (and Boston sports fan) Dave Dryer wondered about multiple appearances by quarterbacks in the Super Bowl. Specifically, Dave wanted to know how Tom Brady making his fifth Super Bowl start in 11 years compared with other QBs who have started multiple Super Bowls.

For the record:

* Brady’s five Super Bowl starts ties him with Denver’s John Elway for most Super Bowl starts by a QB.

* Brady’s 11-year timespan from first to last Super Bowl start ranks second on the list.

* Nine quarterbacks started back-to-back Super Bowl games: Elway (twice), Brady, Terry Bradshaw (twice), Joe Montana, Roger Staubach, Jim Kelly (three times; he actually started four consecutive Super Bowls), Troy Aikman, Bob Griese (twice; he actually started three consecutive Super Bowls), Fran Tarkenton, Bart Starr, Joe Theismann, and Brett Favre.

* Longest gap between Super Bowl starts by a QB? Eight years. Elway started Super Bowl 24 and the Super Bowl 32. Kurt Warner had a seven-year gap between consecutive starts (he started Super Bowl 36 and Super Bowl 43), Craig Morton also had a seven-year gap (he started Super Bowl 5 and Super Bowl 12).

Here’s a look at the 19 quarterbacks who have made (or will be making, in the case of Eli Manning) two or more starts in a Super Bowl. Also noted is the year of their first start and the year of their “last” start (Brady, Roethlisberger and Eli  & Peyton Manning are still active and may get a chance to start another Super Bowl; plus you never know if Favre will suddenly want to play again later this decade).

Quarterback           Super Bowl starts        First/Last SB start   Years

John Elway                                5                                    1987/1999                    13

Tom Brady                                 5                                    2002/2012                   11

Joe Montana                             4                                    1982/1990                     9

Roger Staubach                        4                                    1972/1979                      8

Terry Bradshaw                       4                                     1975/1980                     6

Jim Kelly                                   4                                     1991/1994                     4

Kurt Warner                             3                                     2000/2009                 10

Ben Roethlisberger                 3                                     2006/2011                    6

Troy Aikman                            3                                     1993/1996                     4

Fran Tarkenton                       3                                     1974/1977                     4

Bob Griese                                3                                     1972/1974                     3

Craig Morton                           2                                     1971/1978                      8

Eli Manning                             2                                     2008/2012                   5

Jim Plunkett                            2                                     1981/1984                    4

Len Dawson                             2                                     1967/1970                    4

Peyton Manning                     2                                     2007/2010                   4

Bart Starr                                 2                                     1967/1968                    2

Joe Theismann                       2                                     1983/1984                    2

Brett Favre                              2                                     1997/1998                     2

(Thanks, Dave, for a great suggestion!)

NFL QBs: Success with a 100.0+ Passer Rating

Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears warming up bef...

Jay Cutler... Image via Wikipedia

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday

Now that the NFL has officially kicked off the 2011 season with the first week of pre-season games, let’s look at a few numbers of interest.

It goes without saying that a quarterback who has a good game will have a positive affect on his team’s success. One of the ways to gauge a QB’s success in a game is the Passer Rating. If we establish a rating of 100 or better as a QB who has had a real good game, how well have some of the teams of the game’s best signal-callers (past and present) done in these games? First, let’s look at some of today’s quarterbacks. (Minimum of 15 regular season games with a Passer Rating of 100 or more)

Active Quarterback                                  W-L           Pct.

Jay Cutler                                                           21-0          1.000

Matt Ryan                                                          16-0          1.000

Tom Brady                                                         60-3           .952

Donovan McNabb                                            43-4           .915

Ben Roethlisberger                                          38-4           .905

Joe Flacco                                                           17-2           .895

Peyton Manning                                                73-9          .890

Drew Brees                                                        44-9           .830

Tony Romo                                                        28-6           .824

David Garrard                                                   22-6           .786

Matt Hasselbeck                                               29-8           .784

Aaron Rodgers                                                  20-7           .741

Matt Schaub                                                       17-7           .708

Michael Vick                                                      17-7            .708

Matt Cassel                                                        12-5            .706

Eli Manning                                                       19-8           .704

Jason Campbell                                                11-5            .688

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG FOR A TRIVIA QUESTION: What is considered a “perfect passer rating?” 150, 158.3, 140, or 145.5? Answer at end of blog.

How do these active QBs above compare to some of the NFL’s best? Here’s how some of the retired QB’s fared in regular season games when they had a 100 or higher Passer Rating in a game (the list includes those QBs who passed for 250 or more TDs in their career)

Retired Quarterbacks                               W-L          Pct.

Johnny Unitas                                                    37-0          1.000

Drew Bledsoe                                                      38-2           .950

Brett Favre                                                          99-9            .917

Joe Montana                                                       64-6           .914

Warren Moon                                                     40-4           .909

John Elway                                                         54-10          .844

Dan Fouts                                                            35-7            .833

Fran Tarkenton                                                  62-15          .805

Dave Krieg                                                          46-12          .793

Dan Marino                                                        53-14           .791

Sonny Jurgensen                                               31-13-3       .691

Vinny Testaverde                                              32-17           .653

TRIVIA ANSWER: A perfect passer rating is considered to be 158.3.

Did you know? Only three quarterbacks have passed for three or more “perfect games” in their career… Peyton Manning (4), Ben Roethlisberger (3) and Kurt Warner (3)