What readers are saying about Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’

“You do a good job of breaking down the stats in a reader-friendly way.”

“Good analysis and insight.”

Great job… you blew my mind with these stats.”

“Most often, throwing out a lot of numbers like this can be a bit confusing, but you do a good job of making it al sound clear…”

“I really like stat compilations like this.”

“This is precisely what a blog should be: Quick, concise, entertaining and informative.”

“… a very cool blog.”

“Very cool stuff!”

“Love it.”

“Great stats. Love the story stats tell. Very interesting how you find the story behind the story.”

“This is great. I have spent my life dealing with the minutia of life and live and die with trivia. I’m in heaven with your site. I have marked it on my “favorites” column and have passed this on to several friends. Please keep this up for stat junkies like us.”

“Love reading your blog. I’ve even found myself thinking of stats for you to research. Keep up the great work!”

“I finally got a chance to eyeball a couple of months worth of your blog. Real good stuff. Also, read your bio. I was a huge Inside Sports fan. I’m sure I have some of those ‘Numbers’ pages buried in a file somewhere. Keep up the good work and when I steal something from your blog I will be sure to give you credit.”

“… your site is great. I like that you have some historical posts; that distinguishes your blog from most others out there today.”

“Great blog! I love reading your stats.”


2 responses

  1. Jerry,

    Got your mail and blog linked. Interesting stats on pitchers with complete games and shutouts. I wonder if Roger C will be inducted into the Hall with all the steroid use still swirling arond him. Time will tell.

    Bob Merritt

    1. Bob:

      Thanks for checking out the blog. Unfortunately, the steroid era will continue to be a black cloud not only in baseball, but also with regards to baseball stats. There may be more than a handful of players whose stats will warrant a Hall of Fame election, but their off-the-field issues will keep them out. As we analyze those players whose stats border on inclusion in the Hall, there will be those players who have the numbers (and even surpass many players) who will not get in. When looking at players with the most career hits who aren’t in the Hall, I hate the fact that we have to include Pete Rose on that list; it just muddies the waters.


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